New Microtuning Vst Oddsound MTS-ESP Suite
Has anybody had any time with this?Trying to get it to work within renoise…

What is microtuning?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Explain me simply

There’s tones between the notes on a keyboard- microtones- Make your own scales! It’s cool :sunglasses:

nearly Infinite possibilities🤨

Is the brain capable to appreciate this type of composition?

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I use ‘em sometimes- if it works well, yep, takes A LOT of work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


AIR Loom 2
I think you could appreciate

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I’ve been trying to set this to work on renoise but to no avail.

I have it working fine here now

1 master plug,route midi from each midi plug to instruments.Program using the midi client not the instrument as the midi client if routed properly will now control the instrument and all its tunings,hope that helps

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depends on yr brain!

all our tuning systems are enculturated, and we hear things as “correct” more or less b/c we’ve learned to hear them that way. microtones allow for more nuanced pitch expression, “perfect” whole number ratios between various intervals, supreme levels of tasty dissonance, etc, etc. just another tool in the composer’s toolbox.

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May I ask you what master plug are you using?

Mts-esp master

did anyone get this working with the built in Renoise sampler or just compatible VSTs?

I’ve got the master plug on it’s own inst. (ie 00). and then a client plug on inst 03 and the client says it’s connected but no matter what tuning I use inst 03 is always in standard tuning.


I got it to work in a way but had to put the client plug in it’s own inst (ie 02) and route it to a different inst (ie 03) to get it to do something.

still not sure what the best mode to use is if the inst I’m trying to tune is a Renoise sampler

You put the master and client in separate ins,you then route the client to the instrument u want to tune,you then use the client to input notes in the pattern editor NOT the instrument.the setting I use in the client is note + pb I think,been a while since I’ve used this.

Has anyone got it work polyphonically? I’ve tried with the pluchain (as suggested in the manual, p. 49). For example, pianoteq will trigger inside the pluchain window, but not if trigged from pattern editor, or keyboard.


Never mind, got it to work.

how did you end up getting MTS to send other than 12tet from the midi client? i’ve only been able to get it to send some 12tet with extra instances of notes, like its trying to fill in or something for when i select larger divisions but without the smaller note divisions.

You control the scales from the master, once you have a master plug loaded and you load in a midi client there is no need to do anything, the midi client when loaded is automatically connected to the master however you must route the midi client to your instrument or sample that you want to microtune, you then input notes using the midi client NOT the instrument or sample