New/More/Better/Different Instrument filters

Dear developers , may I give you some good advise
Before bringing redux to the masses …PLEASE

I am talking about the moog filter in the instruments section
It’s ear piercing and sounds bad

The filters could definitely use some upgrading! zero delay feedback would be nice.

Yess , would be nice
Currently the best freeware synth having zdf filters is charlatan …verry good sounding freebie

You’re right nerve costs quit a lot of money , I don’t use it myself …just quickly tried the demo …
But the reason why it costs so much is because the filter algo’s are amazing …they are coded by andrew simper ( synthsquad , fx pansion , cytomic the drop ) and he’s a bit of an authority when it comes to filter design .
Let’s be honoust and not try to fool ourselves , while redux has a lot of sample mangle features , the included filters are over 10 years old and they sound like a wet newspaper , I have given up hope that the developers are willing to upgrade these , there are free filters algo’s from music dsp …they don’t even have to write new ones ( if they are able ) just incorporate them in the existing system …really really sad
The quality of audio effects/filters are a very important factor

agreed some instr filters sound nearly worse than the NI Massive filters lol

test moog filter reso to 1.0 …sweet cut off
ahhh cynism …the last resort …

Thanks for the good advise. I’ve renamed topic to make the underlying suggestion a bit more clear.

I assume that updating the filters for redux…will also bring updates to renoise ?