New Presets For The Multitap Device

As the title declares, the Multitap has no presets.
If you think you cooked up a killer combination and want to share, this is the spot…

I’ll work on some soon…


2643 Wonky steps.xrdp
2644 Seven love.xrdp
2645 wide flickers.xrdp
2646 ReLord Speaketh.xrdp
2647 OneTwoThreeFour.xrdp
2648 Metal tap.xrdp
2649 dub simple.xrdp
2650 Digital foreplay.xrdp

Wide flickers is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a quick one I did earlier. Creates a pretty spacious but light stereo soundscape that’s nice for fluttery synths and atmospherics. Line sync settings intended for 4 LPB.
2651 Primes.xrdp

Definitely having some fun with this thing!

It’s fun hey!

One thing I don’t understand about this effect is the pan sliders… They don’t seem to work in the same way as the old Delay device has it. …or I don’t know how to use it properly. For example, I can’t do the old stereo swap move, the echo sound disappears. Must be something to do with the feedback architecture. Or is it a bug?

Another thing too that would be helpful is a diagram of how all the different feedback modes work - I can hear what they are doing intuitively, but it would be cool to know more scientifically so that knowledge leads to other experiments.

Btw, nice patch dblue!

This is from Kraken his post:

Here’s the first one i did one week ago.
2654 Fading whispers.xrdp

Thanks for all of these, native-ohmboys plugin ftw!

Ok that clears up the feedback issues, thanks vV, but I still don’t get how the panners work. Just to clarify, you move the two panners to their opposite ends and the sound disappears, rather than swapping stereo channels like the Delay does.

That is perhaps because of the ping pong switch? Both signals are crossfeeded into eachothers channels, this perhaps creates silence because both phases cancel eachother out?

Fun device! :)
Here’s an attempt to create some kind of small room ambience.
2659 Subtle Room.xrdp

That has to be it! Thanks for the idea vV. I’ll experiment further…

2667 Slightly Off.xrdp

2670 pandemonium.xrdp enjoy :)

There’s something definitely strange about those pan sliders. Load up a mono sound, like a drum loop, put on repeat. Then load a Gainer and move the panning around. After the gain put the Multitap.

Use the default preset. Move the Gainer’s Panning slider left and right and you can hear the echo go off behind the sound respective to the pan position. So far so good. Now go to the Output Pan L and R of the Multitap Tap 1. Pan them opposite to their default positions, so L goes all the way right, and R goes all the way left. In the old Delay device this would swap the echo respective to the pan position, so you could have nice spacial echo for wide sounds. On the Multitap this does not behave the same way!

What happens when you move the Gainer’s Panning all the way L the echo disappears! Now pan the sound hard right and you hear the echoes going off into the middle of the stereo field. This does this irrespective of Feedback mode. Now, clicking on Ping Pong only yields even stranger results. Extreme pans reveal some strange choppy echoes.

Either I don’t get how the panners in the Multitap work, or it’s a design… weirdness? I mean, I can work around the issue by using the Multitap in a send, and swapping the L+R there. But, it would be nice to know exactly what’s going on here. :)

whatever you guys do, keep this optional, as this sounds good! :D

well spotted, there was a tiny typo that made the two values reciprocally interfere… thanx for reporting!

Oh awesome, so does this mean it will be fixed to behave the same as the Delay for the next beta?

yess of course !