New Remixta Site

I upgraded site to WordPress but it’s still in testing, so you don’t see it automatically.

To see the beta version of Remixta site, go to: - This will turn the testing version on - This will turn the old site back on

So what do you think? What should I change/add/remove? Etc.

Really nice!

It took me some time to find where the “comments” links were. I expected them to be at the bottom of the post, not at the top…
So if it’s not just me, you could maybe make them more visible in some way (they tend to get unnoticed stuck to the post info)

I like the looks of the theme with the pattern matrix background. The R logo is cool too.
Maybe the REMIXTA title could benefit from a bigger font size or some graphic treatment.

But globally, the whole layout is quite clean and clear :)

Added now one at the bottom too.

Doubled the font size.

nice work suva :)
looks very good!

Made the new site default.

Everyones iTunes will now go crazy, but there is very little I can do about this. :(

Looking very nice man!

[s]bye-bye dude :rolleyes:

it’s been fun.[/s]


Looks mighty fine to my eye!

IMO its better than the old one. Keep it.

Thats a bit uncalled for, Remixta is about the music. Sure, Suva does not speak fluent english, sure, his voice isn’t exactly radiofriendly… but the mainfocus is on the music he collects and plays, so better ignore everything else. That said, I respect honestly speaking persons who says what they think instead of sucking up.

Don’t worry about that, I know exactly how good or bad my skills are. It has never been the point to show of my mad DJ skillz, I have never even tried to do any beatmatching in the show or used some fancy effects it’s about the music. It’s arguable whether I am the best guy to run the show, but I am the guy to run the show. If you can do better, go ahead. But with that kind of attitude, I doubt anyone even wants you touching their music.

I have invested lots of time into this, and will continue doing so in the future, constructive feedback is always welcome, but if you just don’t like the stuff I am doing, don’t listen. Nobody forces you to.

I didn’t write about it in my previous post for fear of sounding much too critical all at once, but the new font size for the in-post tag lists is much better now.

The site is really neat now. Congrats :)

Regarding the site design:

Prefer it much over the old one.

Suggestions (take it or leave it, the site looks fine as is):

The archvies section doesn’t seem useful. Better would be a list of past episodes.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

It actually has some sort of shadow behind it if you have capable browser. I’ll try couple of other things later.

Fixed bgs make some browsers laggy. I want the site to be fast and nice to browse. I’ll see if I can make some compromise with that.

Good idea. I made it so.

listening to it and enjoying


Maybe put a “Home” link 1st in the page links… Just relized there wasn’t one when I was clicking around. I know you can click the logo to get back, or use the back button, but I think that’d be a nice touch.