New sidechain routing and additional frequency issues on chorus and flanger

Hi there ppl and first of all, Renoise development crew!

I got two things regading Renoise 3.4.1 version I just downloaded and working on it.

  1. In terms of sidechain, I remember when I could use this tool (Renoise up to 3.3.1), I was able to assign whatever parameter of an effect could be triggered by signal in a channel (for xmpl a kick drum), like I often used gainer effect and a gain was a parameter to use for a sidechained signal (for xmpl a bassline). Or, I could make some more sophisticated way like turning down low frequencies on EQ 10 effect, just to have sidechained signal still audible, but when kick enters, low freqs of bass was cut off. But, now on Renoise 3.4.1…I cannot do it. So the question is, could you please go back to that sidechain effect back again? Or maybe 2 different sidechains could be implemented at once in new version, just like EQ 5 and EQ 10? This would be perfect, as I have to go back to my previous Renoise version :confused:
  2. This is not as much changing the way effects works as previous point, but what I noticed when using Chorus or Flanger: when activating additional filter on the right part of it, 4 xmpl activating BP Moog, when moving frequency slide you can see a big amount of Hz up for 1/7 slide range fromt he left, then suddenly you see “Inf Hz” from this point up to maximum. In previous renoise versions that showed real frequency range. I think its just a bug, but does not affect sound at all.

Btw, any of you other noticed some bugs maybe? Let me know if there are some.


Download Renoise 3.4.2 for a fix(?) ► Renoise 3.4.2 & Redux 1.3.2 maintenance release

It sounds like you’re describing the Signal Follower device, not Sidechain. As far as I know the behavior has never changed.

Will try that one, thanks alot, Ill get back to you when I test it.

Geeez, youre right about that, I just had a hole in my head, I was using signal follower all the time for christ sake, I dont know why I used this sidechain thing. I just have lost my watchfullness bro.