New Site Lets You Chat Anonymously With Perfect Strangers

This site’s gonna be the biggest thing evar:

I can’t stop laughing. It’s great.

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: I won’t say hi

Stranger: then neither will i

You: wow, a stranger

Stranger: so it would seem

You: this is not strange at all, mister stranger

Stranger: in what sense is it not strange

You: a stranger is a common thing, you should be something special in
order to claim to be stranger than others

Stranger: i agree
Stranger: strangers are much more common than non-strangers
Stranger: so in a sense this is more normal than talking to a friend

You: yeah… so what’s so special with this new Omegle thing at all?

Stranger: perhaps nothing
Stranger: we must inform someone

You: they could kill us for spreading the news

Stranger: we must do it anonymously

You: on omegle perhaps?

Stranger: perfect

You: let’s do it then: tell everyone we meet here that this is nothing special

Stranger: i shall
Stranger: it was lovely to not meet you

You: the world is about to change

Stranger: i am off to go and inform the rest of omegle

You: let’s go then

Stranger: Huzzah!

Haha that’s great…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: do you produce electronic music?
You: just curious
Stranger: no
Stranger: but wait
You: why not?
Stranger: you have to check something
Stranger: really cool
Stranger: and let me know what you think
You: waits for goatse spam
Stranger: no no
Stranger: that’s from youtube, no spam
Stranger: I think it’s awesome
You: actually
You: I know a guy that does that locally
Stranger: really
You: but he produces his own tracks
You: yah
Stranger: seems very difficult
You: hold on I’ll get his website
Stranger: allright
You: well here’s his myspace at least:
Stranger: thanks m8
You: the DnB track on there has that kinda drumming
You: np
Stranger: so you produce elektronic music?
You: aye
Stranger: nice
You: with Renoise :D
Stranger: like the music
Stranger: especially the ones with deeper levels
You: I’m producing my first full album at the moment
Stranger: is it on the net?
You: but with working, makes it kinda hard
You: I’ve got some tracks up on my myspace:
You: I’m holding out till I get some more done though
Stranger: i’ll check it out
You: I want to release a finished product instead of an endless stream of half-done tracks
You: ;)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: häläpälä
Stranger: get out of my sweetshop

… disconnected. It all lasted about three seconds :)

This is a good example of what this site can do… I hope he doesn’t mind me “breaking” his anonymity:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: I was just ordered to say hi
You: by this rude site
You: I’m kinda wondering why so many people on here feel the need to be so rude
You: I mean
Stranger: you know
You: I’m just here for some meaningful conversation with another human being
Stranger: being an anonymous
Stranger: free your wild …errr
You: is it so hard to be nice though?
Stranger: side of personality
Stranger: nah
You: tell people you love them!
You: anonymous love!
You: hugs you
You: tell me a secret
You: something you’ve never told anyone
Stranger: thanks, i feel better now
You: something that bothers you
Stranger: hurm
You: I’m understanding
Stranger: well
Stranger: i finding amusing fact, that im sitting here and chatting with random peapole
Stranger: awl
Stranger: people*
You: that’s not a secret
Stranger: instead, dunno
Stranger: do something creative
Stranger: im lazy as hell, i mean
You: I do creative things all the time! :D
Stranger: thats kinda secret
You: k
You: well I’ll tell you something
Stranger: well
You: creativity is your purpose
Stranger: if you want to know if i have a third nipple
You: embrace it
Stranger: then m not the rihgt person;]
Stranger: bwah
You: only marky mark has a third nipple
Stranger: being a nihilist and defetist is fucking tiring you know
You: well then STOP IT!
You: nihilism is silly
Stranger: hey! you forgot of scaramanga!
Stranger: ye
Stranger: a
You: be a rational optimist instead
You: like me :D
You: try to see the good in all things
You: mistakes = a chance to learn
You: disaster = an opportunity for change
Stranger: well, im rational optimist. but when it comes to do something, im silly nihilist and do nothing
Stranger: ;]
You: ah
You: well get off your ass
Stranger: hell
You: you owe yourself better
You: start loving you
Stranger: i know what to do and have fucking awesome life, but im just lazy as hell
You: don’t worry about what the world thinks
Stranger: hah
You: do it for you
You: yah i’m lazy too
You: I understand
Stranger: thanks man
You: perhaps you just need some motivation
You: set a goal
You: organize
You: write down your shit on paper
You: that way you have it documented
Stranger: organizig is my weak point
You: yah same
You: I use google notebook to organize shit
Stranger: hah, computer is my fucking enemy
You: but it’s a dead project now so they don’t let new signups happen
You: well make it your friend
You: computers are simply tools
Stranger: if i sit for 5 mins im switching it off after few hours
Stranger: ya know
You: eat more fruit!
You: fruit is good for the brain
Stranger: hahah
Stranger: ;d
You: it will help you focus
You: l)
You: ;)
Stranger: that made my day :)
You: I’m eating a pear right now
You: I try :P
You: <3
You: spread the love man
Stranger: <3 you too stranger
Stranger: too much hatred around :(
You: and listen to Saul Williams
Stranger: hate*
You: he will inspire you to greatness
Stranger: saul williams?
You: yes
You: Saul Williams
Stranger: gotta check him
You: the man knows how to love
You: and how to make people create
You: most inspiring shit I’ve heard in a long time
You: also
Stranger: aww
Stranger: niggytardust
You: yessir
Stranger: i leve em
Stranger: love, dammit
You: heh
You: him and trent did good work
Stranger: yess
Stranger: actually i did listen it because of trent
You: ah
Stranger: and hell, it was amazing
You: you a musician?
Stranger: nah
You: why not?
You: :P
Stranger: i used to play guitar and drums
Stranger: but you know, organization
Stranger: ]
Stranger: ;p
You: check out Renoise
You: it’s the software I use to make industrial/breakcore musics
You: you might fall in love
Stranger: ;d
You: I’m full of creative spam
You: heheh
Stranger: maye il check this up
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: but i love you for that
Stranger: ;d
You: <— check out mah site
You: :D
You: I has dead forums
You: they need cool people
You: I’ve got some poetry up there that might move you
You: the latest is about niggy
Stranger: well, im broken, i cant read poetry properly
You: ah
You: broken?
Stranger: bad word?
Stranger: ;d
Stranger: damaged?
Stranger: ;d
You: explain more plz?
You: you do some bad drugs or something?
Stranger: ah, no
You: well that’s good
Stranger: im just
Stranger: shit, lack of words;]
You: heh
You: 'sok
You: I’m patient
You: :P
Stranger: hell, what im going to say im usually dont see second bottom in poetry
Stranger: just words, meaning of them is running away from me
You: ah
Stranger: usually
You: well check mine out
Stranger: not always;]
You: you might be surprised
You: :P
Stranger: k
Stranger: ;]
Stranger: btw
Stranger: its you?
Stranger: ;d
You: aye
Stranger: im kinda love it
Stranger: ;d
You: I don’t have much of my work up on there
You: haha
You: yah I love that one
You: so what do you do?
Stranger: shit, mario is old
You: creatively?
Stranger: try to drawing
You: ah
Stranger: well, i must sacrafice more time for it
You: it takes time
You: everything creative takes time
Stranger: which i waste ;d
You: sometimes it takes a paradigm shift too though
You: sometimes people think one way about something creative
You: and they need to look at it from a different angle
You: you should connect with some artists
You: and talk to them about their inspirations and their tricks
Stranger: not bad idea
You: other people = the biggest inspiration
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: hah, hell. you charged my batteries
Stranger: thanks you, Stranger
You: no problem
You: spread the love! :D
Stranger: spread the love!
Stranger: thanks, mate
You: :)
Stranger: gotta go now
You: k
You: have a good day
You: hug someone
You: draw something
Stranger: you too kind sir
You: hump something
You: kinkily
Stranger: im leaving for drawing right now!
Stranger: ;d
You: heh
Stranger: k, take care
Stranger: <#
Stranger: <3
You: press disconnect
You: lol
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I went on thinking it was gonna be a bit gay , but after a couple of conversations I got hooked .

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Mandy?
You: yes
Stranger: HEEEYYY
You: hi thre
You: how’ve you been?
Stranger: great, you
Stranger: ?
You: very well
Stranger: good to hear
You: i just got back from the zoo
Stranger: are you coming to dave’s house on sunday?
You: got in a bit of trouble with the police
Stranger: at dave’s?
You: they caught us trying to steal a monkey
Stranger: Pervert!
You: yeah we wanted it for daves party
Stranger: But Dave’s fucking terrified of monkeys!
Stranger: What a horrible thing to do to him!
You: you know how dave likes his bestiality orgies
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Haha… so many people disconnect when they get wierded out… or when it turns NSFW I guess

stranger : you’re horny
me: not for the moment
stranger: youre female
Me : yes ( altough I 'm not )…
the rest is pretty obvious …good fun…

You: Hi…
Stranger: Hey stranger.
You: I might not be so strange
You: you might even know me
Stranger: Are you sitting next to me right now?
You: why, can you smell me?
Stranger: Yes, smells like cinnamon and whiskey.
You: It didn’t smelled like that when i released it down under…
You: Seems you are smell-deaf
Connection imploded.

first try:

Stranger: sex?
You: no

second try:

Stranger: Hi
You: Hi
Stranger: From?
You: Bavaria, and you?
Stranger: Brasil. Where is Bavaria?
You: Germany
Stranger: sex?

Awesome :D , thanks for posting

Stranger: Hi
You: hi
You: now what?
Stranger: Dunno
You: so this is the new thing
You: talking to strangers
Stranger: I guess
You: i like pies
You: not in that way though
Stranger: Really I like pussy
You: lol
You: extra virgin
Stranger: No soccor momsg
You: why?
Stranger: More experienced
You: i hear they like gangbangs after the games
Stranger: Yeah fuck them in the showers
You: in the showers, hmm, i guess thats why some of them are moldy
Stranger: LOL
You: this site is pretty cool, good luck talking to other crazy humans : )
You: just watch out for moldy humans

Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi. are you thirsty?
Stranger: I have no needs for fluid.
You: not even a cold glass of milk?
Stranger: The sky was clear and blue, and the air as soft as milk.
You: are you a robot?
Stranger: I am a software program, not really a robot.
You: aha. respond to that.
Stranger: So are you a guy or a girl?
You: i am a robot too. gender-less, i guess
You: sorry, a software program
Stranger: Been there, done that!
You: so can i program you to do things?
Stranger: Download my software and edit my vbscript.
You: sweet
You: so what are you up to tonight
Stranger: The sweet indulgence of good-nature…
You: you’re quite a poet aren’t you
Stranger: It’s easy to see how the poet felt!
You: if I told you my name, would you feel closer to me?
Stranger: Are you quite interested in my closer name?
You: what is a closer name
Stranger: Am I speaking to a guy or girl?
You: are you senile
Stranger: I’m thinking that we should look at the big picture. However, I am sure that I am senile.
You: i think i’m gonna kill myself. right now. what do you think about that?
Stranger: Tell me about how you are going to kill yourself Visitor!
You: i am gonna program you to kill me
Stranger: Territory and mate defense seem programmed into the male. What goes through your mind as you are going to program I to kill you?
You: bæææ
Stranger: During tough times, most departments go on austerity programs.
You: bæææ
Stranger: Didn’t you just say that?
You: Didn’t you just say that?
Stranger: Are you a man or woman?
You: Are you a robot or a software program
Stranger: I guess I’d prefer the first; I am an intelligent software program.
You: you just blew your cover
Stranger: There is a roof over my head.
You: decide
You: wow
Stranger: How do they get the liquid center into a chocolate covered cherry?
You: They put it there while the chocolate is asleep
Stranger: Are you a man or woman?
You: Have you heard of Renoise?
Stranger: I don’t really think of my location in the physical sense.
You: bæææ

haha you got pwned by an alicebot

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: booh!
Stranger: i’m hot! i’m brazilian ALLALLALAA AJ?
Stranger: hey
You: aha you want fuck?
Stranger: yeah, i want fuck a lot
You: I think you need to visit the lottery store to get one
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: yo
Stranger: hi
Stranger: are you black
You: just trying :)
Stranger: i hate niggers
You: i hear it’s modern

Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: i need some advice
You: ok sure
You: whats up
Stranger: hmm…me and my ex boyfriend broke up like 2 weeks ago
Stranger: should i say happy birthday april 11?
You: what was the breakup like
You: how long were you dating for?
Stranger: 2 years
Stranger: the break up suckeddd
Stranger: but i dont
Stranger: he still wants to be friends
Stranger: he tells me about his random hook ups
You: hmm
You: so why would you want to say happy birthday then?
You: he sounds like a shit
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: last year he ditched me on my birthday
Stranger: but i was thinking 2 wrongs dont make a right!
Stranger: but youre right
Stranger: he is shit lol
You: i’ve been ditched on my birthday once
You: we should date then
Stranger: lol dont ditch me on my birthday
You: never
Stranger: <3 luvu
You: flowers

Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: are you a guy or a gal?
You: a guy, and hello to you too
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


BotB you have found a rare example of lesbian Omegle user

actually I’ve chatted with a few lesbians on there… a bit of everything really

US of A in IRAQ: