New Song By It-Alien: "nuovi Cammini (New Paths)"

A new song by me has just been released It is a piano solo version of a song of mine originally created during year 1997.

This song concludes the making of my soon to be released album called “Mistakes”, which will collect a serie of songs inspired by new paths (which is what “Nuovi cammini” means in italian) starting in life.

get song from my site in MP3 format
get song from in MP3 format
(5’52", piano solo)

I enjoyed this one It-Alien. I can feel a lot of intuition in this one.

I would be especially4 impressed if this was hand-sequenced in renoise :slight_smile:

jk nice!

it was played by my cat crawling on the piano keyboard.

hey, wait a moment… I don’t have a cat! :)


I have used Modartt Pianoteq VST and an USB keyboard:


Itty this is beautiful, it gets better with every play. Any chance of a high-res version being released?

I will release the whole album on shortly (no previously unreleased material); you should be able to download a FLAC version from there, otherwise I will make it available anyhow

Cool thanks. :)

the album has been published here. 192kbps MP3 or OGG are available, I hope it’s enough :)

Very nice playing :) lots of darkness in that piano :)

I guess it will have to do. I’d really like the full resolution flac files, but it’s the music that really counts. :)

I have to say, I particularly like your solo piano pieces. Not that your other stuff is bad, but you really do excel at sequencing piano compositions in Renoise. Great work.

uhm…this is a piano-solo with soul and tension.

and yours???

I know and like Ludovico Einaudi, but I don’t get what you are trying to tell me… are you saying that his piano soloes are better than mine? Well I could name a lot of authors who (in my opinion) are better than him, but still I don’t get it. Could you be more precise than just showing a Youtube video?

your “songs” lack of soul and tension!!! and i don’t understand, why they are in the demosongpack.
peace to dblue, sunjammer, vivace, phobium, neurotix and hunz :rolleyes:

It’s a piano solo. Made on a tracker. With a USB keyboard. And without a cat. So it’s awesome.

You just reminded me of the video where Bong Ra is writing a tune and one of his cats starts attacking his hair but I can’t find it :(

Cats are awesome! So is the fact It-Alien programs music like this. There are a lot more people in the world who have the skills to play better on a real piano or electric keyboard but I doubt there are that many who can do it purely with the power of Qwerty. I wouldn’t worry about your new-found no.1 fan ;)

this is of course a subjective view; other people find this song to be very evocative: I have received an email in which a person described quite closely the same image which inspired me in the making

this has instead a simple, objective reason: because they are complex and so they show lots of the application’s features

it’s not an opinion. it’s the truth.

ok. thanks for listening anyway.

Quid est veritas?