New soundcloud in beta...

Anyone else experiencing the new SC beta?

Been on it for some time and yeah it’s awesome :D

Have declined the option for a while now, why is it better?

Yeah, I got the notification a couple of days ago. Looks pretty nice c:
Strange thing though: every time I log out have to re-accept the beta notification. Anyone else with this problem?

Yes, everyone, it’s doing my head in…

I’ve had it since the summer. I quite like it.

I use it mostly for listening to other peoples tracks. It’s nice that I can continue browsing other profiles without the track stopping playback.
The keyboard shortcuts are sweet too.

That, I think, is what they had in mind with the redesign: a better casual listening/browsing experience.
I too like the ability to browse while listening, but I dislike that comments are tucked away in favor of “related tracks” - seriously, there are plenty of “genius” style recommendation apps out there. Seems like a step up for listeners, but a step down for producers.

To be fair, I’m using the new layout too, but I think there’s room for improvement. The color scheme is hurting my eyes - what’s with the screaming orange, and near-zero contrast between buffered and non-buffered audio?

Obviously, I wrote the guys a lengthy feedback letter :slight_smile:

I have tried it couple of times before. But they still haven’t finished all the parts. I don’t know why they now randomly decided to move to new style.

They have gotten rid of some things, like they seem to try to phase out groups for some reason?

I don’t like it at all. Yeah, it looks more modern but it is not as user friendly as the old site imo…

Yikes, they just released it public now.
Damn, I see I have some work to do, the left side of my profile looks rather ridiculous now:

Even my name can’t fit in there (last letter on new line… bad stylesheets coding!),
and the links are all messed up too. Well, lets dig into this and see what can be modded :)/>

edit: wait a minute… I only get the new version in Firefox, not any other browsers. Weird.
And I’ve emptied all caches. Does that happen to you guys too?

placebo effect, or do the streams sound better? Like I’m listening to the original uploaded .wavs instead of compressed versions :)

These options make it quite attractive. I don’t really care about the new look though, yes it looks slick, but it’s nicer that you can browse other pages without the songplay being interrupted.

Plus if you playing one song out of many and you don’t know which one to stop, click on the wave icon on the upper right and it will focus directly upon the current playing song.

So far not overly liking it but not used it much and sure the browsing while playing will grow on me (although I’ve never found having two related tabs open a problem, like you might do if having a “Youtube party” so that next track can be found while the previous is playing.) Moved comments, stats view gone, play while browsing only current track (no add to playlist) is barely an advance etc. None of which is really that great and if anything it looks more cluttered now, not less.

I hated it at first, but I’m warming up to it.

I had been using “sets” as my landing page before and it looks like that’s gone. I think the idea is to nudge users to continuously put up episodeic content rather than having a mostly-static archive. The twitter-esque repost thing is a pretty good idea. I suspect though, it’ll also mean that fewer artists will be dominating more eyeballs since the reposting allows enables more exponential-style propogation.

The stream-while-browsing is actually part of an overall change to encourage more discovery and exploration. Needing to stay on a page to keep the song playing = less clicking through other profiles and exploring.

I can’t put my finger on exactly one feature that does it, but I did find myself exploring profiles and sets of other users more overall, so it seems to be succeeding on me at least.

I wish it had some playlist feature. Cause now I can explore away from the track I am currently listening, but when I encounter something else interesting I have to either stop currently playing track or stay on the page. Would be cool if I could just queue up songs.

I also used “Sets” as my landing page, mainly, because I use Soundcloud for both, ideas and finished songs. Like this it is pretty unsusable for me right now, as both things are completely intermixed. Not nice. I was just about to get a premium account, but given this, I am adraid they won’t get my money. Too bad.

I also do not like the design. It is too minimalistic, everything is out of proportion and sets appear as songs!!! Seriously??? You have to click on several completely unintuitive places to actually see the list of single tracks in the set, not to mention playing single tracks! It is really a big mess. I don’t understand it, the old soundcloud was just fine as it was.

The old Soundcloud had a enough of its own flaws but I agree, I currently don’t think this is an improvement.

Well, you are always welcome to submit your feedback and you should if you feel the current functionality strays from the usable concept.
Design is a matter of taste though. I personally don’t really care about that.

I gave them my feedback twice, and if you look at the soundcloud blog, you will see nothing but criticism. They just don’t seem to care.
I would actually be fine with all of this, if there was an option to have the old/classic soundcloud version been shown to the visitors of my site!

i had to translate a french sentences"peu importe le flacon pourvu qu’on est l’ivresse"( No matter the flask if we are the drunkenness)to my mind me there’s no fundamental changes but i’m not a fan of sound cloud