New Sounds

Bought Renoise and have been using for it for a bit…but not very satisfied with the basic samples and intruments. Could someone instruct me on how to obtain more?

Have you checked this thread?

Thank you, good Sir.

also, you can login into the backstage, the place from where you downloaded your registered copy, and you will found on the right column of the page a “sample kits” section, from which you will be able to download some instruments.

You can go here

Re-use Renoise.xrni instruments


Personally I think it’s great to just experiment with things, that way I’ve learned to make the kind of sounds I want from scratch. Just overlay things and record that as a new sample, apply effects to the samples.

Also looking at other peoples songs to see how they make something sound the way it does can sometimes help. That’s been a little difficult for me though because I’m completely new to electronic music and I had/have no idea what a specific thing does or how to use it and the people who have been making music for years have so many things packed up to a song that for someone like me it’s just a confusing mess :D

Hope I helped though.

Download a free synth (there are LOADS out there), and start making sounds in it.

Render the sounds, and use them as samples.

Steal samples out of tracks you own; load a track into Renoise as an instrument and start cutting sounds out of it.

Once you have got a handful of sounds, start putting a track together.

When you find any good combinations of sounds, render those too, and use as samples.

Before long, you will have a giant collection of excellent home made sounds that will make your music sound original and ace!