New Squarepusher Album

Just a post to let people know that the genious has been at work. Warp released the digital download of his new album yesterday and I can’t stop listening to it. Check it out, he’s taken a completely new direction.

yay! i thought i had to wait till next month.
thanks for the heads up.

wow, sounds like an interesting album.
hehe, and quite funny that 4th track… “A Real Woman”

have never heard squarepusher do so comical stuff like this before,
cool if you ask me.

Just bought it

First impression is that it sounds like a live recording (not sequenced)
I think its definitely different from what he’s done before, but it still sounds like squarepusher. Its also more of a “fun” album comparatively.

Snarky reponse:

Does he use Renoise?
Or does this belong in another forum?

nope no renoise…
so I think I’ll agree if you try to say that this should be in the off-topic.

take a look around boys, there is plenty of stuff in the general stuff section not directly related to renoise. for me off topic is more stuff that’s not related to music. squarepusher can definitely come up in conversations about renoise, even if he doesn’t use it, so until bantai or vV or taktik or whoever tells me otherwise, i vote the thread stays here…

not to sound confrontational… :P

Something makes me think he may use trackers from time to time.

I’ve been leery about Squarepusher since Go Plastic a few years ago. He’s one of my heroes, but I like the stuff he put out ten years ago and earlier. That said, Hello Everything IMO is one of the greatest albums by him of all time.

Peace. :D

I think his album ‘Ultravisitor’ is a masterpiece, and it’s one of my all-time favourite records.
I find it strange if he doesn’t use trackers for programming beats.

Ultravisitor is a masterpiece in my opinion too!


You can obviously post whatever you want. This isn’t my board.

But, there is a forum just for topics like this. I hate wading through boards where the pertinent information is lost between the off-topic posts.

It’s cool though… :)

For the record, I like Squarepusher and will check out the new album!

I saw him live here in the states do Ultravisitor. 1 of the best shows I’ve ever been. No shit.
The production co had flown in this gigantic sound system “from Europe”. Don’t know any details other than it was fucking huge.
The sound system plus lasers and fucking strobe lights. Sounds cheese but it was intense.
It was somewhere in San Francisco.

Im liking this new one. A bit reminiscent of Rotten One Note, but instead of ingesting a bad bag of mushrooms he took some happy acid :smiley:

buddy i was in a super bitchy mood last night, sorry about that lol. i don’t really care where it’s posted. from now on i’ll try to keep this kind of stuff in the off-topic section.

I got “Just a Souvenir” yesterday and that’s pretty much all I’m listening to right now.

There were some genius tracks among his older releases, but I never were much of a fan. This album is a masterpiece though!

And it’s so, perhaps, because he finally stopped using those two most-overused-breaks-ever. :) Should have ditched them long time ago.

I’ve never really thought ultravisitor was that amazing, i think I just can’t get past the live recording style.
But Hello Everything is amazing, I’m looking forward to checking this new one out.

a lot of these tracks are good. but honestly, squarepusher is not a good drummer. he has absolutely immaculate sequencing skills, but all of the “i’m a live band” type tracks are hard to listen to at times. this is a good album, but i have to skip a few tracks, which i usually never do with any artist.

Hello Everything?

You have Hard Normal Daddy and Feed Me Weird Things, right?

I’m sorry but Hello Everything sounds like a bunch B-sides to me, and Ultravistor has only like 2 listenable songs on it.

Nicely programmed etc. but i always find it hard to get with the vibe of a lot of squarepusher stuff. this record is no exception. to much fusion , not enough punk, as far as I’m concerned

Maybe you ought to listen to a punk band…