New Tattoo

I know there are some hardcore renoise users that would appreciate this. I got it done on friday, this picture is from saturday. It’s pretty much healed up by now.

also… if you hold a black light over the tattoo, the message “Tracker For Life” appears across the top and bottom of the logo. :yeah:

edit: It’s on my right wrist.

Never thought I’d say this but you’re more hex than me. ;) Pretty fucking hardcore mate! I liek!

strikes “change the renoise logo” from suggestion list

great! too bad that in next version we will change the logo… :)

joking :P

I must show that to my girlfriend!

Best to put a 100% solution Ethyl Alcohol on it and it will heal in next 10 seconds than sooner. With Raging and a Running Amok!!!

That… is… awesome :dribble:

(and I’m not a big fan of tatoo’s)

Please post a pic when its healed!

I decided to make the same…

It really hurt!


This is even more HC than my Mega Man tattoo.

@Solion: admit it, you just accidentally sat on a Renoise-branded waffle iron. Meow is the real deal!!!

@everyone - I’m glad you all like it. :D

I guess I’ll just have to get the “new” logo on my left wrist. ;)

Where’d you find a renoise waffle iron!?!?

first i thought :blink:

then i thought :panic:

then i realised :yeah:

meh, I thought this got released already :drummer:

How fitting… Tatoo by audiodamage :D

So… how is it looking now?

I’m wondering that as well :D

Incense, spiritual guide, and THAT! :D

Sorry guys, I got a little sidetracked. For the most part, it’s healed up by now. I took these about 10 minutes ago.

I’m thinkin of filling in the R with black light reactive stuff as well. I wish I would’ve thought of that while he was doing it. Ughh!! Live and learn.

Heck yeah I do. 2048 at least

Oh wow… and I thought the idea of getting a Renoise sticker for my laptop was commitment :P

Ha ha, I’m gonna get some stickers next.

scaryyyyy … :blink: