New Tool (2.6 - 3.1): Split Into Separate Tracks

Hi there,

this thread is for discussion my tool “Split into separate tracks”:

I just added the option to put the original track as well as the new created ones into a group (in this case, the effect column is copied to the group, not to the single tracks!). Please update and test (Version 0.9).

I am still planning to also copy Track Volume( Pre,Post), Track Panning, Track Delay and the devices of the original track.

Any suggestions what to do with the original track? At the moment I keep it and mute it. Is this needed/wanted? Or can it be deleted after a successful split? Especially when the devices will be copied, keeping the original track will add overhead. I am looking forward to hear your opinions on that.

thx for the nice work.

‘delete’ - vote from me.

Awesome work fladd! Renoise just got better :yeah:


With this you mean copy(cut) the dsp/vst devices to the groups ‘master’ channel? Yes please :drummer: and could you than also copy, keep the automation envelopes?? That’d be really helpful imo.

Hi there,

attached a first pre-release of 1.0 with the following additions:

  • Copy PreFX Volume
  • Copy PreFX Panning
  • Copy PreFX Width
  • Copy PostFX Volume
  • Copy PostFX Panning
  • Copy Output Delay
  • Copy Output Routing
  • Copy Devices
  • Copy Automation

When tracks should be grouped, all these (except Output Delay) will go on the group track only. Otherwise they go on the single new created tracks.

Right now automation is copied for the whole track, even if selection only is ticked. If anyone knows how to only copy automation that relates to a pattern editor selection, please let me know.

Please test this pre-release as intensively as possible!

So good! Thanks :yeah:

Ah, another thing. Right now, the step of muting the original track is for some reason not included in the “Undo” state of the tool, such that when undoing the splitting, the original track remains muted. Not a big deal, but suboptimal, nevertheless.
Does anyone know how to include the muting into the “Undo” state?

Alright, since there has been no feedback at all, I assume that either everything is okay as it is, or that nobody cares.
In both cases I think this will be the 1.0 version then without any further modifications.

What about the option to delete the original track after splitting?

Okay, here some minor changes:

  • Option to delete original track (default now)
    f original track is not deleted, it is muted and NOT put into the group
  • Option to just hit Enter in the dialogue to start the splitting
    (However, there is a bug in Renoise when using key handlers such that the undo point is only added when something else is done in Renoise afterwards, e.g. just clicking in the Renoise window)

If everything is fine with this version, I will upload it as the new 1.0 on the tools page.

Happens if you don’t use Group Tracks option.

Edit: btw nice tool :) I use it all the time for splitting drum tracks.

Also about selection in pattern for copying automation. This might help.

local track = 1  
--rns.selection_in_pattern = start_line,start_track,start_col,endline,etc  
local start_line = rns.selection_in_pattern.start_line  
local end_line = rns.selection_in_pattern.end_line  
for _,p in ipairs(rns.patterns) do  
 for idx,a in ipairs(p:track(track).automation) do  
 local aut = p:track(track):find_automation(a.dest_parameter)  
 if aut then  
 local new_points = {}  
 for _,points in pairs(aut.points) do  
 if points.time >= start_line and points.time <= end_line then  
 local new_aut = p:track(track+1):create_automation(a.dest_parameter)  
 new_aut.playmode = aut.playmode  
 new_aut.points = new_points  

New Versoin pre3:

  • PreFX Panning bug fixed
  • Automation now only copied for selection (thanks JupiterXLI!)

Well, seems good enough to make this the final 1.0 I guess.

Alright, updated on the tools page.

One thing that still bugs me with this tool is that there might be preceding empty note columns in the new tracks. I am not sure what is the best way to get rid of them, since the API does not allow me to hide columns to the left, but only columns to the right. Also, it seems that entire (empty) columns can also not be deleted. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Really nice tool, thx! :)
Maybe you can add in the tool description where to find it (for the others: under right click pattern Editor -> Tracks -> Split into separate tracks…) I ended up searching 10 minutes for it before looking into the code.

Another suggestion: If you split a track, the number of columns stay related to the columns of the split track; this means if a track has 3 columns and it is splitted, it results into the first new track with 1 column, the second new traack with 2 columns (first one empty), and the third one with 3 columns (the first two columns empty).
Is it possible to have one column only per new track only, or an option to remove all generated empty columns?

Hi Cie, glad you like the tool. Concerning your suggestion: have a look at the last post of mine, right before yours :slight_smile:

It’s awesome, this should be a function in Renoise by default!

Hi there,

i added your tool to version 2.8.1 and it does not show up in the tools menu. It does reveal itself in the tools browser. I think I have one or two others that do this.

Any ideas/corrections.

Much obliged.


Perhaps try rightclicking in the pattern editor and search for the link in the context menu?

Excellent, it worked!

I guess this may apply to other tools which do not appear in the tool menu? I will investigate further. But for now, this has been a very useful tool, as in the past I have manually separated notes out.

Many thanks,