New Tool (2.6 To 2.8): Set Track Delay In Samples

This small tool allows one to set the track output delay in samples, instead of only milliseconds.


hah, nice one! to be honest I doubt I’ll ever “need” this, but still, yay scripting ^^

Now that’s a nice addition :)

this is awesome,thanks beatslaughter

Oh thank you thank you thank you! :D :D :D Going to test this one out for you and let you know how it goes. Ooooo!!

nice1, cheers!

Ok had a quick test this morning and it works well! I really like how you can specify both positive and negative values, that’s gotta be useful for people nudging stuff about. Works as you would expect it to. I really can’t think of anything you’d add to it.

For anyone wanting near-perfect sync while using external recording hardware, then this too is utterly essential. Find out what your processing delay is in samples, and then compensate using this tool!

Just to add: I’ve been waiting for a long time for something like this to be in Renoise. It’s been a long time coming. So thank you so much for making it a reality!

this doesn’t really do anything yet, as it’s waiting for the respective API features (to set sample editor selections, not just read them)… but it does one thing, it tells you frame numbers and seconds for the whole sample, selection start, selection end and selection size. might be useful in combination with set track delay to get the exact length of the attack for percussion sounds etc. :)

I have to admit, i don’t really get what you are suggesting here. Something like set track delay from sample selection?

Nice tool, I will find some use for this,


I just figured it might be useful in combination with set track delay, just as a ruler. you have a shaker with 70ms attack, nudge the track by 70 ms, but not automatically. Renoise displays start and end frame/second of the current selection, but not the length, and there’s no copy/paste either.

And another one back from the dead… tools page was updated with versions for Renoise 2.7 and 2.8.

Thanks Beatslaughter! Good to have this handy tool updated.