New Tool (2.7): Mixer Utilities

This tool supercedes all my currently released tools. This means the following tools won’t be developed any further and will be discontinued in their current state. This doesn’t mean they are lost though, all the functionality is integrated into this new tool now, which makes it easier for me to maintain since they are all related to the mixer, hence the change.

Mixer Snapshots
Show Automated And Modulated Sliders In The Mixer
Set Track Delay In Samples

This new version is a total rewrite and now utilizes OOP. Would be great if you can help me out with testing and report any bugs to me.

Features so far:

  • Reset mixer values to their default state for the current track or all tracks. - Show automated, modulated and midi mapped device sliders for the current track or all tracks. - Set track output delay in samples. This one got extended a bit: It’s not modal anymore, so when you have this dialog open you can switch through the tracks and change them quickly. When a track get’s selected it will readout the current delay and convert it to samples. - Make mixer snapshots, and restore values you need selectively. Supports up to 10 favorites for quick access, monitors any track or device changes in the background and the settings get saved along your song now and will also be loaded back, when you load your song inside Renoise. The file will be saved with the same name as your song and at the same location, but the extension will be changed to “*.xmup” (Extended Mixer Utilities Preferences). As long as you keep both files together your settings will be restored.

There are a few things missing currently, but this version should be well useable now. Will release new previews here as soon as i have an update. When it’s feature complete it will go to the tools page.

Screenshot galore:

Download version P4 for Renoise 2.61 and P5 for Renoise 2.7!

Looks good thanks!



That’s some quality stuff here…
I would vote for these scripts to end up in the Renoise default scripts pack.

Yay, Amazing work! The GUI also looks very beautiful.

This is gonna get used, alot… thanks :)

This is brilliant!

Oh yeah! Nice. Essential toolage.

Very Useful, Great job!

This is a savior. Big thanks.

  1. “insert” snapshot 1

  2. “insert” snapshot 2

  3. “remove” snapshot 2

  4. close and re-open “Manage Snapshots”

  5. unable to re-open “Manage Snapshots”

Thx for your hard work and innovative spirit!! Will try this out:)

I have uploaded a new preview version which fixes this, forgot to check one variable for it’s boundaries. This version also fixes a small issue with the auto favorite assigning and adds more keyboard control to the output delay samples dialog.

Awesome job!

minor bug: The tiny help button [?] at the lower left corner of dialogs doesn’t work.

It’s not a bug, but rather a not yet implemented feature. :)

Introduced a small bug in the last version, please redownload. Sorry for that.

Sorry, my bad. :)

I don’t use the Mixer Snapshot feature, but do use the other stuff. Maybe someday, but not now,

I’ve been noticing XMUP files appearing, unwantedly.

Can this be optional? Like, a switch to activate and OFF by default, or something?