New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Slices To Pattern

really really really nice

this should be build into renoise native with pool posibilities and slice replacement possibilities… maybe even mis-use it to make groove templates from it and save that shit ;) :dribble:

Yeah, would love to see this become a built-in feature. And how about a randomize button to swap slices and perhaps a way to lock specific notes (or available lines of the pattern) that won’t get affected when randomize is used.

you can use Randomize Notes script with Shuffle mode

this is amazing shit!

but some kind of not very friendly, cuz Renoise yet lacks of saving/editing sliced samples.

When you create slices you are creating them as part of the instrument, not as part of the sample, so you should save the instrument instead. Problem solved. (Unless I have misunderstood you?)

Think he refers to this: Render Slices To Instrument

Thanks, exactly it is. )

lol, this is the best tool

dblue for president!

I’m using this tool a lot and one thing is missing IMO - quantize :P I often get delays like FF or 03 and them truly suck.

Those delays can be a pain to work with, but if that’s how it’s sliced then that’s what you’ll get :)

But I’m adding some quantise options in the next update anyway, plus a few other handy things.

nice one!


man your tool totally rocks… i sliced some cool loop to the pattern and copied it to another channel and changed the samplenumber manually to a vst and played along with the groove of the original loop with my vst-synth it sounded SWEEETTT!!! this is going to be used EXTENSIVELY in my productions!!!

sorry for all the SHOUTING and the EXCLEMATIONMARKS!!! i am just very exited! hahaha

yo, quick question

i put down a sliced breakbeat at 4LPB but i want to expand it to 8 but the delay numbers kinda mess it up i guess, was just wondering if there was some way in renoise to quantize the delay to fit it at 8LPB because i cant get it to work. guess i should have just put it down at 8 haha.

though i guess i could just take what i have, render it to sample, slice it all up again, then put it down at 8lbp lol. ah well, i’ll probably end up doing that before i get a reply but it will be handy to know anyway

You could potentially use my Pattern Resizer tool. This tool lets you expand or shrink a pattern to any new size you want (not just half/double) and it will also recalculate the delays.

But yeah… why not simply re-run my Slices to Pattern tool at 8 LPB? The result will probably be more accurate this way, unless I have misunderstood you?

@cat hero: I meant to say that you should just change the Sync value on the original sample and then re-run my tool. For example, if your loop fits into 16 lines at 4 LPB, then you should change Sync to 32 lines for 8 LPB and re-run the tool. Everything is calculated based on the number of Sync lines you set, so you must change this to correctly fit your current LPB settings.

the pattern resizer worked fine! it was already all chopped and resequenced so it would have been messy cutting it back up after rendering it. thanks dude

it might be too much to ask but would it be feasible to have it quantize as close as it can in terms of lpb without delay numbers? that might be kinda hard??? idk, i’m not nearly as tech savvy as half of you dudes

Yo , since vV created a script that renders slices to a new instrument ( New Tool (2.7): Render Slices To New Instrument ). Is it possible you have your slices to pattern script also work with these type of rendered slices? Would be great! :)