Command Line Option: Render To Disk And Exit


I just found a bunch of renoise sketches on my HD, and surprisingly I liked quite a few of them. Now I’m in the process of burning them to a CD to listen to them in the car, before deciding which ones to finish. So far so good.

Since I’m running linux my perferred way of doing this would be:

ls *.xrns | xargs -iarg renoise -r arg

which would generate every xrns in a directory to wav. But since no commandline options exist, I’m hoping this could be added. I do realize that a no-gui, renoise2wav utility would be too much work, but how about making the -r (“r” for render) switch work as if I: 1) open the xrns file with renoise, 2) press shift-control-r + return and 3) press Alt-f4 (quit)?

I think this would make life easier for users that (like me) prefer to write scripts for as much as possible (including “generate up-to-date mp3 files for the album I’m working on and copy them to my phone, my webpage and dropbox”).

I think I see what you’re thinking, but I’d much perfer a commandline option, since this would allow me to integrate the render in my regular workflow.

Edit: The thing you’re taling about would actually not satisfy my needs at all (I don’t think I would ever use it…), for the following reasons:

A gui would force me through something that might not fit, a commandline option would give me the power to do things in scripts. For instance I have a small script that generates mp3/ogg vorbis/flac of xrns files, and it only renders if the xrns has changed since last time. This could of course also be a feature of your gui, but every twist or special user need would have to be integrated, whereas a simple render commandline option, would leave all that up to me. And also “headless” operation (no clicks needed) would mean I could run “renoise --render” in the background server every night on the xrns files I maintain for instance in a dropbox folder. The possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

I made a similar suggestion back in 2005:

Some kind of batch rendering would indeed be very nice, whether it’s done via command line, a more advanced render dialog within Renoise itself, or even with a LUA-based tool as Bantai suggested.

Mental note: I really need to set aside more time for Renoise script dev! :(

+10 for command line options

Specially great would be --no-gui option too. Ability to render without X server, would rock.

That would be awesome!

But, again, I think a simple, single file processing would be exactly right. Leave the multiple file selection, mp3 (or flac, or ogg, or what-have-you) encoding, tagging of mp3 file + 1.000.000 other user cravings to the user.

And, again, please no gui solution. I need something that I can call from the commandline that will do it’s thing and exit back to the commandline without me having to do anything.

Yep, I agree. Ideally it would be possible to render everything from the commandline without the extra overhead of the GUI, but it would not be the only method.

I was just linking to that earlier thread to show that the general concept has been buzzing around the forums a few times already. Either way, I would love to see something that enabled batch rendering. :)

Bump, anything new here?

Just a simple switch that a) after load starts render-to-disk (preferably with an option to select output dir) and then B) exits renoise. It would really make my life alot easier…

I’ve been asking for a commandline exporter here to a brick wall for ages…
glad to hear someone else sees the potential benefit.

how bout it devs?

this is the man-page mockup I suggested last, It didn’t get any reply other than “bump” so I’m not sure if it will here or not, atte but I’m 1000% with you on this one.

renoiseRender (-flags) (Sample rate) (Bit depth) (source) (destination)

renoiseRender -ehaTvf 96 32 /media/renoise/xrns/* /media/premasterMixdowns/

(render Entire song, high priority, perfect interpolation, save each track to separate file… will render allll xrns files in /media/renoise/xrns/ into subfolders in /media/premasterMixdowns/. Subfolders are named by the xrns file.

e - Entire Song
s - Selection in Sequence
p - Selection in Pattern

h - high priority
l - low priority

c - Cubic interpolation (very good)
a - Arguru’s sinc Interpolation (perfect)

T - Save each track into a separate file
P - Save each pattern into a separate file

v - verbose
f - create a folder in the destination for each xrns

Sample rates:

22 - 22050 Hz sample rate
44 - 44100 Hz sample rate
48 - 48000 Hz sample rate
88 - 88200 Hz sample rate
96 - 96000 Hz sample rate

Bit depths:
16 - 16 Bit
24 - 24 Bit
32 - 32 Bit

@mSepsis: i like the idea, and i feel command-line powers for Renoise fit with what Renoise is.
looking at your list, i am wondering though: if you are working without a GUI, how can you make a selection and render that through the -s and -p parameters? the rest of it looks great.

uhm…err… yeah. good point. you can’t. :)… and you wouldn’t want to anyway, so cut the e,s and p flags… command line rendering would really only make sense for rendering entire songs.

anywhoo… I’m pretty sure command line export was my very first wishlist item for renoise when I started using it 6 years ago… I am stunned renoise still hasn’t implemented some sort of batch export, either at the command line or otherwise…

i THINK the emphasis in Renoise’s development has not been strongest on the Linux side of things, at least in that sense that such truly native Linux-functions are not very high on the (hypothetical) to-do list. i can understand this though; as a developer of a DAW i would (roughly) put the music side first, the global ui (so not OS-specific) side 2nd, and then go crush some bugs.
maybe if the right mood strikes, or we can manage to make a couple of devs enthusiastic enough over this, it might get implemented.

See here for a GUI tool script that implements batch rendering of songs.

I can’t select more than one song :frowning:

While I appreciate your effords, it’s not really what I need. I don’t wanna fumble around in renoise, making selections and stuff. I want it to be controlled from the commandline. It’s part of a larger puzzle of automatic re-rendering, converting, tagging and copy-mp3s-to-my-android-phone of my projects…

Bump and addition to the command line options I think Renoise needs for ages:

  • skip searching new VST
  • force searching new VST
  • set startup resolution or fullscreen
  • start minimized
  • skip loading default song
  • skip midi init, no midi
  • hide startup logo
  • set specific audio out device
  • load specific theme
  • set specific samplerate
  • force load empty song with new found VST
  • force loading specific song with disable all dsp
  • set global volume
  • silently update vst cache and exit
  • set specific vst path
  • disable VST (don’t search, don’t load)

Many of them just need to create different shortcuts to load Renoise you need right now fast as possible