New Tool (2.7): Dsp Custom Init

This tool lets you set your own “Init” for each of the native devices. Whenever a native DSP is loaded, your custom “Init” setup for that device (provided you’ve set one) is loaded with it, bypassing the normal Init setting. Fairly simple to use.
(idea from keith303, located here)

Before setting a custom init:

After setting a custom init:


Really useful, thanks! +1

Hah man you’re awesome, thanks!! :D

Seems when you copy/paste a dsp it gives you the custom init instead of a duplicate.

awesome! thanks for the instant realisation, cocoa!

this works wonders on devices like the delay DSP, on which i often tend to use the same or similar values.

unfortunately i experience the same odd copy/paste behaviour as vincentvc.
any chance this can be fixed?

Unfortunately, not really. A similar thing will happen if you ctrl-drag a device to copy it, load a DSP chain, etc. Whenever a device is created in any way (other than loading a song), it will be initialized. It doesn’t seem that there’s any way to restrict the initialization to only when the device is loaded from the devices box, because of inherent limitations of the API. For now, I suppose I’ll be leaving this tool in its semi-broken state.

Too bad.

(free bump for your good work anyways!) :)

great tool

thanks !

This is so awesome. Just set #Multiband Send to Keep,keep,keep and no volume for each band. Thanks for making this, cocoa…

Hehe, soon with all these tools you’ ll be able to make a decent track in 10 minutes. Thanks, very useful for lazy men like me !

You know, I really love that you’re giving us access to Keep/Mute, because the API Parameters for #Send and #Multiband Send do not give access to Keep/Mute :( :( :confused:

so bigup! :walkman:

i use renoise 2.8 and tried this toolwith autoupdate. i dragged delay effect in the track and changed the send slider. now i looked for the “custom init” entry, but i did not find anything related. is that caused by the tool (designed for 2.7) or do i miss something ?

I just installed this (regarding the thread this just came up :D) and experienced similar issue. It fixed itself when I hit ‘Reload all tools’ from the tools menu. Not sure if this is a persistent problem, meaning if you constantly have to hit the reload button. If it is, I think its up to cocoa (or any volunteer?) to work this out…

oooooh, thank for your answer! it does not solve my problem, because i simply started renoise again, just would try out your suggestion and the restart itself fixed my problem, the custom init is there and it seems to work XD

very great :)

Good to hear it works. But be wary of the nasty side effect this workaround has. According to previous posts in this thread, you can’t duplicate a device with dragging like you used to. Any duplicated device will default its values to your custom init… :confused:
Is suppose one needs to wait for a native solution on this issue, until its fully working perfectly.

thanx for the warning! i’ll be aware of this. i think its even better than copy plugins with settings.

looks like the screenshots have gone missing. does this work on 3.1.1 32-bit?