New Tool (2.7): Play Song From Marker

I ripped off the tool from vV named “Play song from start” to make this tool. It provides Set marker and Play from marker. They can be found in the tools menu and under keybindings->global/tools.

Handy instead of navigating back all the time when trial and erroring the flow of your song.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Great thinking on this one, cheers!

this script did only work the first time for me. when i close renoise and load it again, the “Set marker” and “Play from marker” disappear from the tool menu. additionally i’m getting the message that the script failed to load when i start renoise.

Fixed. It didn’t like trying to access on startup :)

Great tool! Maybe more markers?

Sure! I’m thinking the same, but it seems a bit ugly to just add a bunch of new hotkeys (8?). What’s the best system for it? (also considering hotkeys for going to next/prev marker)

Also. Maybe different hotkeys for just “go to marker” and “play song from marker”?

Btw, if any coder is reading this: do you know where I can find the user preference hex/dec line display? I want to make the status message tell the hex line when setting the marker if the user has hex in preferences.

I don’t think this is available, but you could just post both values in the status bar:
“Marker set to line 0d25/0x19”
There are easy ways to convert values decimal values to hexadecimal while converting them to strings.:

local decimal_value = 25  
local hex_digits = 2  

Regarding the hotkeys i should indeed limit the marker selection to “previous marker” and “next marker” positions.

Thanks for helping out.

I’ll do these:

“Play from previous marker”, “Go to previous marker”, “Go to next marker”, “Set marker”, “Unset this marker”, “Unset all markers”

community = win

VERY usefull! thanks!!