New Tool (2.7): Stereo Sample Mid/side Tools

This will add a submenu to sample editor context-menu’s ‘Process’ -menu. From there you can do 1)extraction of mid-side channels and 2)recombining these into l/r -stereo.
The extracting works on the currently selected sample,
The recombining works through a GUI where you select the m/s sources.
Both functions create new samples into the current instrument.

The old one for emergencies:
2215 com.kmaki.StereoSampleMidsideTools_Rns270_V0.5.xrnx

And here’s the new one:
2554 com.kmaki.StereoSampleMidsideTools_Rns270_V0.9.xrnx


I’ll give this a whirl:)

awesome! :)

maybe it could be merged with this little utility by me: Channels swapper

were these two scripts ever merged?
also, any hints, tips&tricks, tutorials as to how to use these tools in renoise, please?

Nothing happened on that front… Would probably be a good idea, though.

In my opinion the stereosamplemidsidetools-tool lacks one basic functionality still: the ability to mix backwards from mid-side data into a L-R stereo sample. This way a stereo sample could be splitted into mid&side, processed separately, then joined back into a L-R -stereosample. This would give extra creative possibilities for sound manipulation. (a classic example would be scraping off lower frequencies from the sides of a stereo sample).

For now the mid-side tools tool is not really useful for this kind of stuff, as it only creates mono samples. If you specifically want the mid-parts cut from a stereo-sample, though, and don’t mind that the resulting sample is mono, then this is your tool!

now THIS sounds really useful&superb! :dribble:

Yes! This is what the tool would be in v1.0 .It’s just that i haven’t… well… you know there’s been stuff and… you see the thing is… i’ve kinda had other…

Bah. I’ll do it. :) It should not be such a big hassle anyways. I’ve just got to push out a reasonable GUI for this. Now look what you’ve done; making me get up from my lazy ass. :D

Ok. It’s functional, GUI and all. I think I’ll still publish it on this thread, though. After I fix a couple of minor issues, that is. If no common family-of-five-madness arises, expect it tonight. Thanks, esaruoho, for making me take up the effort. :)

For future, I think I’ll shove in the Channel Swapper code and make up a more concise “Stereo Sample tools” -package.

Ok. I got it done. It’s still a 0. version, because I haven’t tested it thoroughly, and I also have some feature ideas left.

I started by scooping out a loads of weird, trippy code, which simplified things a lot. Version 0.5 was a trainwreck usability-wise so I tried to fix that too; extracting M/S is now done with a single action instead of two separate ones, and the action generates new samples instead of overwriting the current one.

There actually is a reason now to use the tool’s version of mix to mid, as the resulting M/S channels are also automatically renamed with a suffix. This is to make the sound processing afterwards a bit more streamlined, as you can clearly see the sample contents (provided the suffix fits in the miniscule sample list).

The big one was the ability to recombine M/S into L/R. The biggest hurdle was to come up with a functional GUI for that. This is what I got so far, but I welcome suggestions on improving it.

-The extracting works with ‘single click’. (single click, when you surf to the bottom of the menus, that is)
-The recombining works only through a GUI. (For NOW. It could be made so that the tool scans the samplelist for sample names and figures out what the user wants to recombine. I’ll try and bust this feature in the next release.)

The processing functions are accessed through a keybind or the sample editor context menu. I provided also a menu item for samplelist context menu, which clears all tool created mid, side samples from the list. This might be useful after the sound has been mangled enough, and the mid, side data are not needed anymore. Give feedback on the usefulness of this one, as I’m not quite sure myself.

Give feedback. Dropping the stereo-channel swapping code is a miniature task, so I’ll do that for the next release too. If no major bugs start popping up, I just might publish the next one on the tools site.

I’m doing this in a bit of a rush. Hope there’s no completely idiotic bugs left…

Check the first post for the new version. I’ll attach it right away…

Ok KMaki I have some suggestions.
I’ve opened the “Combine Mid/Side samples to Stereo”, and it would be nice if you could append a Mono / Stereo after the name of the instrument, so one doesn’t have to guess while blindly just checking the tool out ;)

Also, got a crash while trying to combine two wavefiles:

Good suggestion! Actually one could just skip the stereo-ones from the list… That should be possible, I guess. Will check that option out.

About the bug: Is there anything special about the recorded files I shuold consider? Could they be of different lengths?

One limitation of the current combine function is that it should operate on samples of equal length. I’ve set this limitation on purpose, because as far as I understand the M/S -> L/R transformation kinda relies on that. I’m not sure about this one though… And what bothers me is that I thought I set error catching for that case.

Oh hell. I think I’ve just figured it out. I’m copying the sample properties from one sample to the other, and I think I’m doing it blindly, without checking if there is a loop set at all… Will fix it.

Your script is very clever about different lengths, and refuses to run if they’re different sizes. They aren’t different sizes. There’s nothing special about the wavefiles, they’re recorded with Renoise, they’re mono… Oh, and I tried to re-run your script with loop-mode=Forward & Loop-mode=Enabled with both samples, just to make sure i don’t get the error, but instead i got the error. Mind you, I had an empty instrument-box-slot selected while I used the script, cos I wasn’t sure if it intelligently creates a new instrument-box-slot for the newly put-together sample.

p.s. if your gui can be used to not show stereo-samples, then i suppose it could be used to “stop showing samples which aren’t the same length as the selected sample”. what do you think? :)

Oh, so it might not be that after all. But it clearly has something to do with the loop setting. Anyways I’ll try and de-bug the bug out of the script.

It does not create new instruments. It only creates new samples in the current instrument. This could, however have something to do with the error. Thanks for noting this!

Brilliant. Sometimes things just are too obvious to be seen. :)