New Tool (2.8.1) Custom Sample Envelope preset files

This tool is a thing i wanted to release separately for a long time.
Frankly it was a thing i wanted to write before i decided to write Epic Arpeggiator.
I however already did the actual work in EA so in this case it was dissecting the preset file management for the envelope arpeggio out of EA 3.0

I have done it in such a way that you can load EA 3.0 presets (latest preset version!) if you port them over, however EA specific settings will be lost if you save the changes in the preset manager.
Presets saved in the preset manager will load in EA 3.0 but you will notice things won’t sound the same and you might need to click some buttons to restore it.
Click on the “loc” button in both EA and preset manager to pop up the preset folder where the programs expect them to be in and you can start transferring the xml files from one place to the other.

You get two or three option entries in the instrument and sample list (right-click) depending on whether you have presets or not.
Load sample Envelope… > (unfolds list of available presets if there are any, if there are none, this menu option won’t show)
Envelope Preset Manager… (shows dialog with options)
Save Sample Envelope As… (Shows save dialog)
Everything in the envelopes section should be stored and reloaded, .
Presets in this tool are saved on a more clever place so they won’t be erased when a new tool update is installed, however i haven’t included example presets for that matter.

It needs to create those folders so i hope it works on Mac and Linux.
As usual, error reporting is welcome in this thread.

Jan 22nd 2013:Initial version…
Renoise 2.8.1 is required, it won’t work in Renoise 2.8.0 or lower!

Jan 23rd:V1.01
Minor change in save folder location handling.
“tools_save_data” naming convention is set to “tools_save_data” to remain consistent with the structure of “special purpose folders”
Written presets will not be copied to the new folder, so those four who have downloaded it will have to manually drag their xml files from the old Tools\tools_save_data\com.renoise.InstrumentPresetManager folder to the new Tools__tools_save_data__\com.renoise.InstrumentPresetManager folder.

3835 com.renoise.InstrumentPresetManager_Rns280_V1.01.xrnx

Thanks man, is this to sort out the “not being able to use the envelope presets in other instruments”? i think i noticed that playing around one day…

It was more or less based on this request.
It is still fairly simple, i can imagine one might not want to include every envelope when loading a preset, so i may add the specific area filtering again as i did in EA.