New Tool (2.8, 3.0): Live Dive

Hi krsn, thank you very much for your nice words and your support! :walkman:

The version 2.02 available some posts above is the non-Launchpad version and is considered to be beta; which means that there may be some bugs in there, and I am happy if they are reported so that I can fix them.
However, the 2.02 is nearly final now. As you have already bought the Launchpad version and would like to test the 2.02 beta version of the Launchpad edition (or even unreleased latest version), just write me an email and you will get it.
The official public release will be published soon. :)

thanks cie.
i’ll simply wait for the new version then.


The new version 2.03 is available now on the tools page (32 bit).
Please download the 64bit version in the first post.

The new Launchpad version (for Launchpad Classic, Mini, S) is available on the Live Dive Homepage (both 32 and 64 bit).
For an update just write me an email.

A new video and updated help pages are following soon. :walkman:

Hi All,

I bought last week a Launchpad mini to use it with Renoise, and after some testing with GridPie and Live Dive, I decided to buy the novation version of the Dive tool, because the “queue” mode when activating patterns for me works better than activating it instantly.

Your tool is really fantastic, and it does exactly what I need, but I have some doubts:

  • With the demo song that you provide with the plugin, the lateral play buttons of the right side of the launchpad works fine, to select all the patterns in the row. But I’ve created a new song (following the instructions), and these buttons doesn’t work in the launchpad. If I press the play buttons directly in the Dive window, it works fine. I think that I need to add or adjust something in my song, but I don’t know what.

  • I’ve seen that I can do scroll in the launch pad to left and right to see more tracks, but I cannot scroll up and down. Is is possible to do it with this tool? If I have more than 8 pattern rows in a song… How can I see these patterns that remains outside the launchpad’s grid?

  • If I create a new pattern in Renoise, this is not updated in the launchpad until I open again the tool. Which is the proper way to create a new pattern when you are using this tool in live mode?

  • It is possible to use Live Dive and Lauflicht Step Sequencer, using the same launchpad?

Thanks in advance! ^_^/>


This is great and thank you for your support :)

Usually there should no special settings for that. Could you please send me the song, then I will have a look. You can contact me here.

Instead of paging, you can determine the block (patterns) to play for every “slot” with the pattern load mode directly with the Launchpad. Please read how to to this in the instructions.

This is correct and currently the only method to view the newly created pattern. This should be a new feature for the next version (the list in a slot should be updated on adding a new pattern).

Yes, but you can not use both tools at the same time.

Hi Cie, thank you sooo much for your help. :)/>

I am new in Renoise and I have a lot of work ahead to learn to use the program and the tools. I will read your manual carefully, and then ask again if I still have doubts. Thank you!


Thanks to your help I could recreate it and fix it with a new version 2.04 (it only happens if you use less than 9 tracks). Also there was some display issues with the Launchpad which were fixed. :)
This affected the Launchpad Edition only.

I really like this little tool, and it is extremely funny to play with it by using the mouse input. Now, I wonder if there is a way to map another MIDI controller than a Launchpad to it, and how to do it? For example I own some of the Icon controllers or TouchOSC, but the standard midi mapping in Renoise seems not to work with it. Can you give me a hint what to try next?

Thank you very much. :)
No, currently there is no way to map the tool to another Midi controller. You have to use the Launchpad Edition with a Launchpad Classic, Mini or S.
A general midi mapping to any other controller would not enable the bidirectional functionality of the tool, which is essential: changing the color of a button, blinking of a button, and generally, pressing a button on the controller would not affect the tool correctly. This has to be programmed for every controller separately; and currently there is an edition for the Launchpad versions only.

Cie, thanks for the reply. Yes, I begin to realize that life seems to become easier in some areas if you have a launchpad :slight_smile:

Maybe I should get the fourth midi controller in a few months, though I never intended to get more than one. But I guess for Live Dive and for other software that I want to use the Launchpad is essential.

May I ask a general question about the Launchpad? Assumed I want to use several programs at the same time with the Launchpad (for example LiveDive & Lauflicht & B-Step sequencer), does it have a kind of midi channel selector that allows me to control them all from the same Launchpad interface? Or would I have to buy one Launchpad for each piece of software that I would like to use in the same sesion?

Here is a new video which shows how I use Live Dive in a live setup. I mix the tracks of different songs into each other (DJ-like, but being capable of mixing single tracks of a song to another):

More information in this thread:

This is really good fun so thank you very much for the tool. There’s one thing I don’t understand with it though. In ableton live when you launch a scene with empty slots in it, the empty slots mute any previously playing clips on that track (assuming the stop button wasn’t removed), I was expecting the black rectangle in this tool to function the same but it doesn’t seem to, the clips from the previous ‘scene’ still play.

For example, this is from the demo song posted earlier in the thread. I launched the 4th line of patterns and then launched the first. I would have expected the hihat, sticks, claps, shaker, rim to stop playing when launching the first row of patterns but they carry on still playing the 8-9 [percussion] clips.


Am I doing something wrong here or misunderstanding something?

Thank you that you like the tool :slight_smile:

Am I doing something wrong here or misunderstanding something?

No, this behaviour is currently intended. If you like to stop playing the remaining tracks in row 4 you had to click on them (they will blink red and stop with the next pattern play).

Maybe in a future version there could be an option whether in this case the remaining tracks are still playing or they will be stopped. I find it useful not to stop the tracks because then you have the possibility to mix the single tracks between the patterns and to stop them only if you really want to stop them.

Ok thanks for letting me know Cie, that makes sense and I can work around it now I know it’s supposed to behave like that!

There is a new version 2.05, which fixed some bugs, e.g. the live recording did not work properly when the pattern block loop size was 1.

Please find the new version on the tools page (32 bit) or in the first post (64 bit).

dude this absolutely rocks! thx a lot.

one more reason to not switch to another DAW for quick remixing ^^


This tool looks great, I’m planning on buying it.

Can I connect an Akai APC-40 with Live Dive? Does that work too?

Thanks for your answer!

Let me rephrase :slight_smile:

Does Live Dive work with any ledgrid controller, or only Novation Launchpad?

I think I’ve found my answer, that’s too bad,

Anyway … Just saw that I’m the first in 6 years that replied on this thread :slight_smile: Are there any other tools that I’ve missed in the past years, for triggering tracks in patterns with a grid controller? Thanks

Does anyone know if the Live Dive Launchpad editions are still being sold/offered?