New Tool (2.8, 3.0): Live Dive


this tool was formely known as “Rableton Dive” which was beta and never was released officially on the tools page. Now I finished a new version with Launchpad support and decided to rename it and finally deploy it on the tools page.

The primary purpose was to use it for remixing a song in a live performance. During the beta phase I got some great ideas of users and added also a recording option, so the tool also allows to record all changes, which makes it very easy to create a new song arrangement.

With Live Dive you can mix the tracks of different patterns of a song. Each track is represented as a clip (rectangle). If you click on a clip, it will be played or stopped dependent of the current state with the next start of the pattern. The clip on the most right side affects all clips of a pattern. This is quite the basic idea like in Ableton Live.
So practically, you can mix for example Tracks 2 to 4 of pattern A with the tracks 5 and 7 of pattern B, and with tracks 1,6 and 8 of pattern C, and so on. All combinations of track mixing are possible as you can load amd change any existing pattern into one of eight pattern slots at any time. So if playing live, you can create a song by joining your patterns very fast and synchronized with the beat.

It is also possible to record all clip actions and build up a new song in an fast and easy way. Everytime the currently played pattern is going to be changed, this means the user has hit a clip and the clip is flashing, the pattern is cloned and appended to the end of the song. Another option records every played pattern, regardless if there were clip actions or not. Finally you can clone the currently played pattern and append it to the end of the song.

How to:

  • start Live Dive and play around:
  • press on a clip to play it, press on a playing clip to stop it.
  • the button on the right side will play all clips
  • change a pattern in one of the pattern slots by clicking on it and selecting with the drop down box
  • meaning of the colors of the clips:
  • green: playing
  • yellow-flashing: play next pattern;
  • red-flashing: stop next pattern;
  • black: empty clip/track;
  • dark green: inactive

Launchpad Edition:
There is also a Launchpad Edition of this tool available. It supports every Launchpad model (Classic, S, Mini) and combines up to 4 Launchpads simultaneously. You can get it here:
Help & Instructions
(Latest version: 2.05)
added 1.2: Improved the pattern selection mode: There was a limit of 56 directly selectable pattern numbers for a pattern slot due to 7x8 buttons on the Launchpad. This is increased to 448 selectable pattern with the help of paging.
added 2.05: See feature list below

Download: (Latest version: 2.05 for Renoise 3.0+)
32 bit: on the tools page
64 bit:5417 de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx

(Old version: 1.1 for Renoise 2.8)
32 bit: on the tools page
64 bit: 3903 de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx

This video shows an example how to use Live Dive in a live setup. The tracks of different songs are mixed into each other (DJ-like, but being capable of mixing single tracks of a song to another):

More information in this thread:


  • mix the tracks of different patterns of a song while playing
  • play all clips of a pattern
  • eight pattern slots: load and change the patterns to use
  • record all clip actions, record everything or clone currently played pattern
  • multiple Launchpads support: automatic detection of up to four Launchpads. This extends the visible amount of clips of a pattern.
  • All features above available with buttons of the Launchpad, plus an extra pattern load function, to load a new pattern quickly into a pattern slot by pressing two buttons

New Features in version 2.03 (Renoise 3):
Instead of being bound to play and change one single pattern in a loop, you can now have multiple patterns, 2, 4, 8 or even 16 patterns in a sequence looped. In the following I will call those pattern sequences “pattern blocks”.
In order to adress a pattern block correctly, in the LiveDive user interface, the drop down box “Pattern” selection changed to “Song Position” selection. So the pattern sequence blocks reflect their song positions (not pattern numbers as in the version before).
Example: if you have a pattern block size of 4, the song is divided into sequences of 4 patterns: The first pattern block consists of the patterns at the song positions 4-7, the second 8-11, the third 12-15, and so on.
This improves the possibility of variation vastly, when playing live, as you do not need to have 1 pattern looped only.

  • new preferences menue: Under Tools->LiveDive Launchpad Edition -> Preferences you can set the desired pattern block size.
  • Live Dive song structure check on startup: when LiveDive is launched, the song structure is checked. If the song structure is not set up properly (e.g. if pattern block size is 4, the first 4 patterns must be looped in a sequence), a dialog appears which explains the needed song structure. Then there is an option to create a correct song structure automatically. This was a feature request by vV
  • Pattern position indicator: a light that indicates the progress of the currently played pattern. So you have a visual feedback of the pattern position; might be useful in live situations for e.g. muting/unmuting tracks at the correct time.
    green: < half of the current pattern is played
    yellow: < 2/3 of the current pattern is played
    red: > 2/3 of the current pattern is played
  • pattern load mode: selects a song position instead of a pattern number. Shows the currently selected pattern block in a pattern slot. Each pattern slot has a different color. (Launchpad version only)

New in version 2.04:

  • fixed some bugs, mainly in the Launchpad version

New in version 2.05:

  • fixed some bugs, e.g. the live recording did not work properly when the pattern block loop size was 1.

This is superb, thanks… Makes arranging tracks so much easier!
Great track on the video btw

Good work Cie! :drummer:

makes renoise feel like a new software.
thank you, Cie!

Looks like another purchase! :)

LiveDive Gives Me Wood!!! :panic:

\www, this looks sweet

@all: Thank you very much!! :)

@Vastique: thank you very much for your support :drummer: :) You’re welcome ;)

hey ya, i seem to be getting this when opening renoise…(and when i dragged the tool onto renoise to install)

ScriptingTools: Initializing Scripting Tool: ‘C:\Users\slippy\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx’…

ScriptingEngine: main.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk

Error Message: ‘C:\Users\slippy\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx’ failed to load.
Error Message: Please remove this tool or contact the author (Cie | for assistance…
Error Message: main.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk

but maybe i downloaded the 2000bit version by accident, probably because im extremely blind…
just checking now

…time goes by…

yep that was it, im just a twat.

There is a new version 1.2 available (affects Launchpad Edition only).
Based on a user request the pattern selection mode was improved: There was a limit of 56 directly selectable pattern numbers for a pattern slot due to 7x8 buttons on the Launchpad. This is increased to 448 with the help of paging: when entered the pattern selection mode, the “play” button of each row (the button on the right side) will open a new pattern-number page.
E.g. pressing the play button in the second row will display pattern numbers 57-112, the play button in the third row the next 56 patterns (113-169) and so on. So all in all you could adress 8*56=448 patterns.
Details are shown on the help page.

Really cool!! seems to choke on groups a bit though…

maybe some 1 schould make a link to this thread at the tools browser for 64 bit version, like so at the stepsequencer tool… i have been wondering why the tool wont install… aaaargh it is not 64 bit :)

btw: thank you so much for all the tools so far, especially this one


I am very interested in the Launchpad edition of this, but neither the 32 or 64-bit version of the “non-launchpad” version works on my Macbook.
64-bit version: installs, but as soon as I click a clip I get the following error:

rableton_light\gui.lua:702: attempt to compare nil with number stack traceback

  • 702 ‘copy tracks from pattern’
  • 498 ‘change_status_track’
  • 381 ‘<rableton_light\gui.lua:378’

(32-bit version: won’t install. because my system is 64-bit naturally…)

any chance for a trialversion of the Launchpad edition to see if it runs?

looks like a fun & useful livetool.

Have you setup your song exactly as described -> here before starting the tool?
There is also available a example-setup song.
If this is not setup correctly the tool may not work correctly.

Ah… slaps forehead
Thanks, you’re right, I hadn’t set it up correctly. Works like a charm now :)
Great tool, dude.
will definitely consider the launchpad edition for my next live-prep.

Wow, many thanks for building this, now i might concider getting a launchpad!

Great that it works now :)

Thank you :)
The tool should also run on the “Launchpad S”, if you consider to buy a Launchpad I would go for this version, as it has brighter lights and an improved midi speed; however it works with the “normal” Launchpad fine also (I am using two of it).

Very nice tool - Thanks a lot

But - i must be a fucking idiot.

I open the live dive after reading all the intriging messages about it - I play with it for about 3 or 4 button clicks, and all of a sudden this pops up;

[i]‘C:\Users\jåni\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (Cie | for assistance…

rableton_light\gui.lua:702: attempt to compare nil with number
stack traceback:
rableton_light\gui.lua:702: in function ‘copy_tracks_from_pattern’
rableton_light\gui.lua:498: in function ‘change_status_track’
rableton_light\gui.lua:381: in function <rableton_light\gui.lua:378[/i]’

please help, what am i doing wrong?

Thank you! :)
This seems to be a problem with the song setup most probably. The song has to be setup in a special way, otherwise there will be an error.
Have you setup your song exactly as described -> here before starting the tool?
There is also an example-setup song, does this work for you?

You could also add some sanity checks and perhaps prepare the song if some conditions are not met? (You can disable objects and buttons and enable them when conditions are met)