New Tool (2.8, 3.0): Renoise Freesound Integration


Over a weekend after being tired of downloading samples from i decided to create a tool for downloading samples directly to renoise.

I would be greatful if anyone can test it on windows or macosx as I am linux user. On two different computers everything seems to be working but who knows.

How is this working?
You open a freesound browser, type name and/or tag, define list ordering and click search.
On the list that will appear every sample has an icon. Clicking on it starts fetching sample and replaces current selected instrument with it.
I would like to add sample preview ability but dont see any posibility for it, maybe someone has a suggestion? I was thinking about putting it to sample editor and triggering play function but I cannot find proper way to do it in docs yet.

knowed issues:

  • you need to create $DOWNLOAD_FOLDER/Renoise directory by yourself ($USER\Download\Renoise on windows $HOME/Downloads/Renoise on linux) - (not easy to fix, I just forgot about it)
  • no error handling for http library (only for track donwloading)

Future plans:

  • fixs fixs fixs
  • preview!
  • advanced search
  • better interface

What is not easy to fix about that?

function check_folder_existence(folder_path)  
 local root_folders = os.dirnames(folder_path)  
 local renoise_folder_present = false  
 local PATH_SEPARATOR = "/'  
 if (os.platform() == "WINDOWS") then  
 for _ = 1, #root_folders do  
 if root_folders[_] == "Renoise" then  
 renoise_folder_present = true  
 if renoise_folder_present == false then  

Without the existing folder, the tool indeed seems to fire errors. When the folder exists, i don’t get results, regardless what kind of searchphrase i enter. (Simple words like kick and snare don’t bring up anything).

I think freesound integration (inteGREATion he he he^-^) is a wonderful idea and the thought of it gives my the comfortable realization that it’s an idea that I’m excited about. At this point I’m going to type about my owwn personal experience with music making…every once in a while-it seems cyclical-I get a hankering to make the most striking ambient music my ears have heard. One of my approaches is to go on freesound and find some long and interesting field recordings to add exotic subtleties into the mix. I understand the hard-working naysayers say “That is cheap! You should go out and do field recording yourself!” They never really said this to me, but I imagine they will. Anyway, that is what freesound is for! People share their recordings and seem happy when you contact them to tell them their little piece of recording found a home in your epic ambient piece. Maybe one day I will go on amazon and get a nice 100 150 dollar (I’m still american so i have to pay with dollars) field recorder and try it myself, when I do Im sure Ill share them on freesound to even out my karma a bit.

it was late when i was writing post, i wanna write it is easy to fix.

You are using windows? Ill try to start up virtualbox machine and check whats wrong there.
thanks for fix anyway


I used gf laptop and runned it on Windows 7 x64. Found one error caused by wrong filename but everything seems to be working.
I guess your @vV problem of not getting any results could be caused by server (i will try to add some error handling for that request ASAP)

in few minutes ill upload version 0.3:

  • now creates folder on any os (thanks to vV suggestion)
  • until some request.lua issues is solved includes fixed version of request.lua for windows compatibility

Just tested it on mac. Seems to work fine for me after i corrected a typo(?) on line 153.


151 if not checked_dir then  
152 os.mkdir(_get_default_download_folder())  
153 checked_dir = True  
154 end  


151 if not checked_dir then  
152 os.mkdir(_get_default_download_folder())  
153 checked_dir = true  
154 end  

EDIT: Forgot to add that this is a great idea. XRNX domination!

Now I’m definitely not fully grasping this type of development, but to me it seems there is a way to fetch the previews from freesound.
In the Freesound API there’s a section on “Sound Resource”. And a list. And one property is “waveform_m”, which by description contains the preview in png-format. Would this be helpful?

EDIT: Yeah. Excuse me for being thick. Now I realize you want an AUDIO preview. I was thinking a visual preview. Sorry. :)

Yeah, i seen it - even tried to fetch it and show it but for image to be readable i should change the samples per pages parameter and show about ~10 samples on one page.
Ill try to dig into it ;) and maybe just adding an option for it.
typo is already fixed in 0.3

Ahh - preview - thats not what i meant. I wanted to be able to play a sample by clicking on a button, and than playing ogg preview sample, but still - adding waveform is an good idea.

This is a promising tool, I think I’m gonna like it
are you thinking about upload functionality too?

So not until API supports such functionality. For now it could use curl (ive seen some lua-curl library on web) but providing a precompiled libarary for all 3 os x 2 archs is beyond my free-time possibilities ;).

this is the best thing i’ve seen since the inventio of crispbread.
i would like to try it, can it work on a mac running 2.8?
what do i have to do to instal it?

It truly is a beauty. To install you just download the xrnx an drag it on your renoise window.

If you download the zip and extract it you have to put it in you scripts folder and rename it. I cant find an xrnx that could just be dragged.

This is truly a great tool, thanks.

If it adds .zip extension, simply remove it then drag the .xrnx file onto Renoise.
Only for Linux, this does not seem to be working so there you have to rename it to zip or at least unzip it and copy it to the folder inside the scripts folder, carrying the same name as the xrnx file…

I’m too lazy and need a quick dl’able link.

Thank you B)

This is brilliant. Adding a preview function is the only thing I can think of to make it more or less perect for the job.

I had a random crash though; not sure how it happened as I’d left my computer for a minute and when I came back it was showing this message:

It might have happened because I had cancelled a download of a .wav a couple of minutes earlier. I realised after clicking the download button that the file was about 3 minutes long and I didn’t want it. I then downloaded another shorter file which worked fine, then went in the kitchen, came back, and the error was there.

this tool is awesome! seems to work fine here on osx 10.6.8

edit: it crashes sometimes and i get errors with big files

noted, ill try to work on fix but dont have much time now, ill try to put new version in the begining of august.
thx for support.

BRILLO! i love using freesound samples in my songs (e.g., a song of mine on osundcloud) will use this for sure. ta!

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Great tool, thanks!

i cant find this plugin, i just dl the zip rename to xrnx and install.
it is insert whitenoise to the 00 sample.

but no window, no download window etc…, no tool installed!!!
where can i find the tool?
it is do nothing for me.
winXP , renoise 2.8.1