New Tool (2.8): Automasher

Automasher is a tool to create complex automation curves by assembling basic shapes.

Download the latest version on the tool page.

3105 automasher-v5.png


See the tool page.

To Do:

  • Allow entering curves accross multiple patterns (done)
  • Configurable resolution (done)
  • “Trigger on Notes” mode
  • Possibility to morph between two shapes
  • A way to set the relative length of peaks vs alternate peaks
  • Modify tool (add/sub/multiply/divide/ramp from/ramp to/humanize)
  • Editor Window with a step-sequencer-like interface (inspiration from Native’s Massive Performer)

Origin of the tool: first discussed in this thread

Updates :

looking good, though after ‘succesfully’ installing, this notice pops up:

even though the notice says something about disabling notifiers, the tool seems to work great! :drummer: Thanks!

Yes, this particular notifier is only used for the “title” part.

I think I’ve found the bug; thanks for the report!

Nice idea, looks like a good tool :)

You made that quick, awesome tool, thanks!


very nice man!

it would be useful if you could also generate automation longer then 1 pattern.

That would be a bit tricky with the current design.

There is several flaws with the current UI, and I think I will split the tool in two different parts: a “palette” window similar to the current one, but without the concept of slice; and an “editor” window, with some sort of step-sequencer for automation slices. That should allow more flexibility in the palette tool, and faster workflow with the editor.

I’ve uploaded a new version, which correct some minor bugs (hopefully including the one pointed by Jonas)

Cool! Please also implement something like Dblue’s ‘automation from notes’ script concept in there, an option to trigger your shapes at every note event present in the track :drummer: , that’d be awesome :yeah: .

this tool is bloody fantastic.

Awesome, thanks!! Love it! :)

Maybe as additional functions:


Epic tool! :walkman: big thanx 4 this!

Yeas, that’s planned! :) There will be a section with multiply/divide/add/sub/humanize similar to the advanced pattern editor panel.

You mean scaling a repeated shape so that it “fade in” or “fade out” ? It could be implemented either as an operator (like the randomize function), or as an option before inserting shapes. Not sure which one is better…

Yes, that’s a great idea, but I’ll have to figure a GUI for this… You have to select two shapes (one before the note and one after), this would probably be in a separate window.

Why 2 shapes? Can’t the selected shape be triggered at every note event present in the pattern editor track? Either scaled to fit until the next event or simply triggered as configured in the current gui (lines/slice + multiplier setting). Meaning, if the resulting shape of the setting would overlap a note event, it’d get cut off and start a new :guitar: .

10 million bonus points if this ever sees the light :), if not it is pretty wicked already and I like what you’re planning with the multiply/divide/add/sub/humanize stuff!

yyyyyyyes ! :yeah:

Excellent! :)

Yes, like this (steps up, or “fade in”):
maybe with an option to define the “height” of a step (y direction)
Maybe as an operator?

oh man, this is fantastic!!!

Trop bien!!! :w00t: