New Tool (2.8): Colormate

Colormate is now a real-life-tool! See the tool page:

Thanks to Airmann, vincentvc, dblue for inspiration and development ideas.

It’s a keyboard dialog for setting track color. It’s mostly self-explanatory, but has some nifty features surpassing native track color management features.

Tool installs these keyboard shortcuts:
Pattern Editor:Track Control:Colormate…
Mixer:Track Control:Colormate…
Pattern Matrix:Tracks:Colormate…

These will bring up (or focus, if already visible) a minimal GUI in which you can adjust track color (R,G,B / H,S,V) and A (alpha = “blend”) values.

More info in the manual (see the tool page)

Note that this tool can generate some extra undo data. Every time the track color changes, an undo point is generated. I’ve tried to minimize this to some extent by not having the track colors update instantly to reflect the slider changes. This might need some finetuning too.
A known issue for now is that setting exact HSV values by typing them in acts somewhat erratically. I’m guessing this HAS to be some kind of rounding error weirdness in the HSV-RGB transformation…


copying from track to track is really neat! :D


can you make this select hsb values as well?

I think it’s possible. I should get familiarized with what HSL is to RGB in theory first, though. Or find two way conversion algorithms lying around somewhere…

This should be useful:

Won’t be a big deal to convert the functions to Lua.

Thanks! Updated, with the HSV-feature. And a general RGB->HSV, HSV->RGB conversion lua functions file adapted from the source dblue gave, for anyone needing such functions in their projects.

Updated with shiny new functionality.

Updated with… version number change. Yay! And a place at the tools-page. With manual. Oooh. !

NOTE: this is obsolete, as these features are already in the newest official tool.

Here’s a test version of the group color management features, something like the suggestion in here.

3800 com.kmaki.Colormate_Rns280_V1.01.xrnx

It’s supposed to work like so:

  1. focus color mate gui,

  2. press key combo
    cmd+g —> change group sibling tracks color to group parent color
    shift+ cmd + g —> change group sibling tracks color to selected track’s color
    (substitute cmd with ctrl on windows and linux)

  3. profit

I think this will allow flexibility enough, but this was kinda hard design task. So I’m open to suggestions for better group color handling. It should however be something simple and yet powerful enough.

And an important note: These shortcuts will by default IGNORE group siblings that are also groups. This I don’t know whether it’s good or bad. I’m not sure how to approach this problem. :unsure:/>/>

If this stuff works, I’ll probably upload this when tidied up into the tools page.

Will be fixed…: removed a misplaced debug error notice when trying to apply selected track colors to group siblings on a track that has no parent track.
Should be implemented: Applying group track color to the group when a group track is selected must also work. For the test version, (if my memory serves me right) it does nothing…

KMaki, tool is awesome
(I would at least put a link to this last post in original post though! :))


Thanks for the feedback! Quick-fix’d the first post… :D/>

Updated the tool in the tool page with the group color management features. Thanks for the testers! Merry christmas!