[Tool Idea] "Apply Group Color To All Tracks In That Group."

It’s kinda irritating that when I press “CTRL-T” in a new track, the track color is just a random color which I have to change…

I like to keep things tidy and have all tracks in my groups the same color :slight_smile:

So maybe this is scriptable?

something like:

rightclick in pattern editor:

—> group—> set group color to all tracks in group
—> track—> copy color from group color

or maybe just a general option… Tool—> ~~GroupColor2TrackColors----> Apply colors from groups to tracks…

or something like that… I dunno… I’m no coder :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i could stuff that in my colormate tool, actually. Nice idea. For now you could just copy and paste the color, which isn’t that fast, but serves its purpose.

It’s already a lot faster than double click, 8C, double click, 8C, double click, 8C tho.
This is exactly my idea btw so +1…

This has also annoyed me… I would like it especially if Renoise made duplicated tracks the same name and color as the prev!

Made a new tool feature on colormate. Could use feedback before uploading to tools.