New tool (2.8) Duplex Repeater

Duplex Repeater

Download: Duplex 0.98 (including Repeater)
This tool is written for Duplex, the OSC/MIDI communication framework for Renoise.

About Repeater

Repeater is a dedicated application that takes control of the Repeater DSP device in
a Renoise DSP chain, automatically mapping the device to your controller.

You can either control the mode and divisor value separately (using knobs and/or faders),
or use the “grid” mode to assign them to a number of buttons, much like how the DSP
device works in Renoise

The Repeater supports automation recording and temporary/hold action (in which the
Repeater is only active for as long as a button is being held). Both options can be
controlled via the Duplex “settings” dialog

The grid mode / available layouts

The default mode for the Duplex Repeater is to use automatic layout. This will simply
build a grid that function identically to the Repeater DSP device: the topmost row contain
“even” mappings, and then comes the “triplet” and “dotted” mappings. So, in order to
contain a full set in automatic mode, you would need an 8x3 grid, or a total of 24 buttons.

Since this is not realistic for every controller out there, the Repeater also comes with
a set of more limited options: “free” (which will distribute mappings with free intervals
between 1 and 128), and “even”, “dotted” and “triplet” (which will map 8 intervals in
their respective modes). Use these modes if you don’t happen to have a controller
which has a lot of buttons to spare (for an example of this type of setup, see the
example Remote configuration)

A similar application : XYPad

Many of the features in the Repeater was based on XYPad, a similar application for Duplex.
This includes the ability to lock a device, and to navigate between devices, song-wide.
As these two applications are very similar in those aspects, I encourage you to read about
the features available for the XYPad as well, it has it’s own dedicated topic here.

Example configurations

Here’s the “XYPad + Repeater” configuration for the monome128


It is an extended version of the former “XYPad” configuration, with a dedicated 8x3 grid for the Repeater
The Repeater itself is set to use the “automatic” layout, which means that you get the same layout as the DSP device.

And here is how the Repeater can be assigned to the Remote SL MKII - to save space, only a single mode is displayed on the grid: