New Tool (2.8): Editstep Tweaks


on a sudden spurt of enthusiasm, I managed to put together my second tool ever. This combines two ‘unpolished gems’, namely the EditStep Zeroedit tweak and EditStep Playback tweak. And adds a new option to help staying on the edit step grid, “No rams” -option.

For more info, consult the actual tool page.

EditStep Tweaks

V 1.4
-compact gui
-keys for moving up/dn for 1 single row (normal movement keys)
-renamed a wrapping option more consistently

Awesome! Very useful.

could you further explain what “no rams” means? btw, good work.

p.s. vader next? ;)

I noticed the manual I posted was truly flimsy. I’ve made a simple, yet important feature improvement on this thing, and I think I’ll revise the manual when updating. Testing it works properly for a while, shouldn’t take too long.
But yeah, the no rams thing works with continuous mode only, that’s one thing that was left out feom the manual. It stops the cursor moving with edit step if the movement would “ram” at either end of the pattern (sequence), forcing the cursor off the edit step grid. It’s really hard for me to describe it without an example, though. So here goes another one: make a new song consisting of 1 pattern, 6 lines long. Put continuous mode on. Bind the keys as described. Go to first line. Set editstep to 4. Go down one editstep. You end up at line 4. Try going down with editstep again. If you have the no rams at bottom on, you will not move. If you don’t, you’ll ram the end of the pattern and end up at the last line of the pattern , which is off the edit step grid.

Haha, maybe… :D you never know…

Updated this. Movement should now be snappier between patterns in projects with lot of patterns. Some additional stuff too.

Updated with minor additions. These were hanging in my version. The reason I updated now was that I briefly struck my head against the brick wall that is “fixing the edit step behavior when entering notes in pattern”. As a result I’m now very convinced that currently it’s just too hacky to ever get this working 100% right… Next API version, perhaps. Or a native solution.

I want to thank you, i was looking for exactly this behaviour. I think renoise should have this build in.

Hey, nice to hear it works for you too! Agreed, some of the edit step behaviour seems a bit hard to work with. Luckily we got Lua scripting! :)