New Tool (2.8) Epic Arpeggiator 3.0

Public RC2 for both Demo and Registerred version of Renoise 2.8.1

Currently residing at intermittend release 2.93

I have attached the latest revision of this tool, you now must have Renoise 2.8.1 installed to be able to run this latest update.

Just an advise here, they aren’t mandatory:
Save your song prior to executing / dropping the safe installer in Renoise if you haven’t saved your song yet.
Close the tool if it is currently opened, before dropping the installer onto Renoise.
You can always copy the epic arpeggiator contents from the com.renoise.safe_installer.xrnx/tool folder directly to the /tools root.

Preserving previous saved presets

The safe installer routine inside the xrnx should take care that your self-made presets are preserved, if you don’t trust it, click on “help” in Renoise, click the “Show preferences folder” from there find the “Scripts” folder, then locate the Tools folder and then go to the com.renoise.EpicArpeggiator.xrnx folder, duplicate the env_preset and preset folders to a different location, duplicate the preferences.xml to a different location.

Adding more user presets
I have included a whole pack of example lead-profile presets for the envelope arpeggiator, but i can understand you folks can create better and more killer presets for instruments (good presets really show the powers and potential of any tool or plugin) and i would like to add presets that have a great effect on a large range of samples or a specific kind of samples.
In the final edition i will add a generic instrument type description in the preset name to make it more clear what kind of samples/instrument this profile was created for.
If you think you have an instrument envelop preset that should be in the final, submit the xml to my gmail address, vincent.voois is what you can paste before the addy sign.

Change-log Oct 14th:
Fixed false note table offset for pattern arpeggiator (recording matrix/custom note insertion) with Scale finder.

Change-log Oct 13th:
Fixed bug in the table generators for velocity and instrument pools.

Change-log Sept 3rd:
-Removed various tool-crash issues regarding Undo manager.
-Fixed Scale-finder translation issues
-Fixed wrong representation of loop start and loop-end and sustain markers in the sequencer view in various situations.
-Current user content is now backed up and copied back (in case existing default templates have been customized).

“Minor” Video explanation:…h?v=6fejkHUAnYw

Helpful hints for good bug reports:
Try to reproduce your actions from starting with the “empty_preset”.

Thanks for your support.


Argh, I broke it :(

'.renoise/V2.8.0/Scripts/Tools/com.renoise.EpicArpeggiator.xrnx/main.lua' failed in one of its notifiers.  
Please contact the author (Vincent Voois []) for assistance...  
./envelope_processing.lua:369: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a string value)  
stack traceback:  
 ./envelope_processing.lua:369: in function 'construct_envelope'  
 ./gui_envelope_arp.lua:472: in function <.><br>

and this was while using it the right way: absolutely no idea what i am doing.</.>

[quote=“gelabs, post:2, topic:35786”]
Argh, I broke it :(

'.renoise/V2.8.0/Scripts/Tools/com.renoise.EpicArpeggiator.xrnx/main.lua' failed in one of its notifiers.  
Please contact the author (Vincent Voois []) for assistance...  
./envelope_processing.lua:369: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a string value)  
stack traceback:  
 ./envelope_processing.lua:369: in function 'construct_envelope'  
 ./gui_envelope_arp.lua:472: in function <.><br>

and this was while using it the right way: absolutely no idea what i am doing.<br>[/quote]<br>
That depends on what you understand or think is the right way. Which is also the reason why i don't explain everything because then the risks of doing everything the way i did are a lot less...Try that again what you did with the new upload (first post).</.>

awesome! :drummer:

thanks! B)

20 downloads and no bug reports? I doubt i’m that good in debugging…
Experiences so far?
Does it work like expected or are some things disappointing? Also read the below plans and cut into what is planned if you feel something could be added.

I’m going to throw in the next thing to stir up the discussion because you are currently not experimenting with the Epic Arpeggiator 3.0 that i had in mind so far, there are some elements not yet in it but i want to embed these:

-Fetch from envelope.
-Volume envelope support (to allow pulsating the pitch schemes)
-Panning envelope support.

Another thing i was thinking of:Fetch from track.

Fetch from Envelope is relatively easy to add currently, Fetch from track is harder and i really need volume support in that case.
I’m not quite sure about the use of panning envelope control though, what would someone like to achieve with that?

Fetch from track, challenges:
Notes on multiple columns with different delay factors:Should they be interpreted as notes that are toggled individually where delay is used to place notes on “half” lines and the likes or are they recorded chords that need to be quantized?
How should a note-off be interpreted in the volume envelope? they can be supplied with a volume value in the volume column or should i create an option what to do with the note-off value? (ramp down, instant off or instant xx%)

Filter and cut-off envelope support, how much need would there be for this and what purposes directions desired?
Note that i have to link all these different envelope-settings with eachother somehow which makes the job a lot of work when it comes up to guarding the process and guarding the changes within each envelope.

filter and cut-off envelope support is however the least of things that has my attention at the moment.

I haven’t tested this one extensively yet, other then some quick plays with the new ‘envelope arp’ tab, which is great fun for sampled instruments. Haven’t been able to crash it with the basic pattern arp bit, but I’m not doing anything weird, seems pretty stable to me though.

Got this notice:

trying to get the following pitch scheme in the pitch envelope of an instrument: ‘1,3,7,-3,2,-2,1,-1,6,-6,5,-5,4,-4,3-,-3,2,-2,1,-1,0’

See the erroneous input on my part above, changing it to -3 does work.

Thanks for the notice, this was one of the things i have figured out a little while ago.
I’m working in the background on a different layout where these kind of mistakes can no longer be made. But because the layout is not finished i can’t currently release an new beta version.

cool, looking forward to your next update!

Ok, one other intermittend release.
Details in the first message.

thanks, will test.

whoa, big updates! i barely recognize it! haha great, will have a play today :]

C:\Documents and Settings\Cian Murphy\Application Data\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.EpicArpeggiator.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (Vincent Voois []) for assistance…

No matching overload found, candidates:
void (Button*,custom [class String] const&)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘__newindex’
[string “do…”]:22: in function <[string “do…”]:11>
.\gui_controls.lua:748: in function ‘populate_columns’
.\envelope_processing.lua:561: in function ‘alter_transpose’
.\gui_envelope_arp.lua:588: in function <.\gui_envelope_arp.lua:583>
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘__newindex’
[string “do…”]:22: in function <[string “do…”]:11>
.\preset_manager.lua:295: in function ‘load_preset’
.\gui_envelope_arp.lua:1362: in function <.\gui_envelope_arp.lua:1360>

no idea how this actually works and/or what im doing wrong, but i don’t think the fetching works as i expected? any tips how to use the envelope section? thanks

Just a suggestion here,but an extra tab(info) would be great,explaining the tool and how to use it.

If you read the tooltip properly, the fetching works from “envelopes”, not from the pattern editor :)
Also adding fetch from pattern crossed my mind, but have to think of a clever way to deal with multiple note-columns.

I will update the documentation as soon as the tool is reaching RC or final state. (that is actually what the question mark is for, also have planned to make that button active content-related)

Can you put up steps to reproduce or tell me which preset you were loading? Is it one you made or one of the default presets?
If it is one you made yourself, can you pm me the preset?

Cant retrace my steps but i know that i was scrolling through presets while the pattern was looping.thats all i know sorry! :(

Well, i hope to have solved the first problem, the problem with the presets can still be a thing with parameter values that weren’t saved properly in one of the older versions where i forgot to “save” the parameters. And when they are required, they should not have “0” as a value.

Right i understand none of that so il take your word for it. B)