New Tool (2.8) Epic Arpeggiator 3.0


i still don’t get how the envelope tab works… i don’t even get what i don’t get! please explain how to use this?

since i don’t seem to get any response to my question i assume i wait for v3 then…

Sorry for the delay, but to give a short answer, this tool is still beta and also still has some undesired behavior, so currently it has “fooling around” status.
If i am releasing the full tool on the tools page, i can warrant you it comes with a complete manual :)
Will try to whip up some basics asap so one can get started. For now i would advise to try the example presets that come with the beta tool, load and apply (shift click the apply button to set auto apply mode) and then fiddle around with the options in the tool and in the instrument envelope editor (Vol/Pan/Pitch envelopes) At least that should give you some direction.

One minor update, the current status of EA 3.0 is pretty much finished, be it that there are a few point resting on improvement of the Lua API. (bugfix of the release value setting, lacking notifiers and clearity of preference file storage policy).

You get to see a teaser video, i’m not updating the file yet!

When you see the colors on the buttons change, i am pressing a modifier key. This is to make it clear that the button has a different function when you click on it and also to ensure that you have the window focussed. (you could also shift click a button while Renoise has focus: in that case, the functionality doesn’t work but the color of the button won’t change either, hence the color hints).

Current additions of the yet to be released version:
-All uncovered options are now stored in the preset -> LFO of vol/pitch/pan/filters and the filter envelopes are stored in all cases, by clicking the specific button you can set if the values are copied to the envelopes/LFO parameters. The button states of these options are saved along so that a complete configured instrument is populated properly.
-Fetch from pattern:note column, selection or the whole track in the pattern. When fetching from a single column, line and point mode are obeyed, when fetching from more columns, the routine tries to combine line and point mode.

If i get everything to work fine, you will then have a way to store complete configured instrument envelope presets (even if you don’t specifically want to use the arpeggiation routine)

Mother of god … it’s the father of the Clip!

Hey, Vincent! Just a little notice, that I’m having an error with the latest update immediately on loading the tool (linux, 64bit):

std::logic_error: 'ViewBuilder: invalid index for popup: '6'. value must be [1 - 5].'  
stack traceback:  
 [C]: in function 'popup'  
 ./gui_tool_options.lua:23: in function 'app_options'  
 ./gui_init.lua:61: in function <.><br>```

Hope that will be fixed for 3.0 too, downgrading back to 2.00 for now...</.>

[quote=“artfwo, post:26, topic:35786”]
Hey, Vincent! Just a little notice, that I’m having an error with the latest update immediately on loading the tool (linux, 64bit):

std::logic_error: 'ViewBuilder: invalid index for popup: '6'. value must be [1 - 5].'  
stack traceback:  
 [C]: in function 'popup'  
 ./gui_tool_options.lua:23: in function 'app_options'  
 ./gui_init.lua:61: in function <.><br>```

Hope that will be fixed for 3.0 too, downgrading back to 2.00 for now...<br>[/quote]<br>
Thanks for the report, most likely already fixed (there are multiple different occasions where this could happen, i nailed all occasions that i encountered).<br>
I already started creating the tutorial video for the envelope arpeggio, but stumbled against several other bugs and lackings that i had to fix first.<br>
If you go back to 2.0, make sure you save your preset folders first, else you'll loose your own custom presets!<br>
The next release will safely install across existing presets without touching your own created presets.</.>

yo, installed the newest version and had a bug, I didn’t un-install the older version and the new one didn’t give me a overwrite notice. Everything seems to work fine, I thought I had closed the script and loaded a new song, then I got:

Loaded another song and got the same error, but then suddenly Renoise crashed!

Nothing in the logs except for the same bug notice:

I can’t reproduce the problem when loading anoher song or simply create a new song.
I did noticed that i have uploaded a safe-installer with an older version than i had actually ready for release, so i reupdated the first post.

If you can still reproduce, which steps did you take exactly after installing?

after the crash I un-installed both the safe installer version and the older version, installing the latest I notice the tool entry is gone from the tools tab. Re-booting Renoise does show it in the tools tab, dunno if this is normal behavior?

When I got the bug notice the previous time I was trying out some stuff in the envelope arp tab, having an empty instrument slot selected. However pressing ‘fetch’ did insert note values in the tool, I then pressed some random buttons, can’t remember which, draw a sample using the draw icon in the sample editor and looked into the pitch envelope of the sample in the instrument settings for changes. Of course nothing was visible as I was doing it wrong, got bored and closed the tool window. Loaded up a new track and bang, bug notice. Second time I clicked away the notice and pressed play, then Renoise crashed.

The safe installer simply moves the to-be-installed-tool (in this case epic-arpeggiator) from its tool install directory to the tools root and then does nothing.
Uninstalling Epic Arpeggiator is sufficient and then simply reinstall the safe installer.

The line that the error dialog pointed to is trying to fetch The error is logical in the sense that it doesn’t work if is referenced to when a new song is created but currently non-existent, however the get_current_data() function is nowhere called by any notifier or function that is called by the new song notifier. Well at least there seem to be a good a reason to clear the tool its original folder before installing a new one.
I’m trying to figure out a way to reload the tool after it has been moved, i guess this is a necessary evil.

awesome, had another play and i finally get how to use it :P

thanks for the hard work! you rock! (n’roll) yeeeah.

Release candidate time guys! (See first post for update)

Though the safe installer quirck gives me a bit a sour aftertaste because the os.move seems to fail somehow and pulling down Renoise in the fail.
Save all your stuff before installing this tool, once Epic Arpeggiator is installed, you have no such Renoise crash worries to fear.

I installed the original/stable 2.0 version earlier, and played with it. I really wanted to play with the new envelope function; I completely uninstalled 2.0, shut down ReNoise, restarted it, and installed the new/RC 3.0 version. I didn’t even load a song, just started the Arp 3.0 up. This was the error I got…

You only get this message if you are running Renoise 2.8.0 because in there these functions were not yet supported, in Renoise 2.8.1B , these observable API functions have been added (See link to the Renoise beta threat in my first post).
If you have no backstage access and must depend on the demo version of Renoise, then download the Beta version of my tool (second link) and install that, this works with Renoise 2.8.0. (Or quote out any _observable part in the envelope_processing.lua source that is causing a problem, but you will have to quote out a lot)

Another RC1 release, this time available for everybody. The Beta has been permanently removed.

I attempted to upload the safe-installer to the tool-site, but unfortunately, restrictions disallow me to upload anything with a deviating tool ID.
Will figure out a solution in the background.

Version 3 is really cool!!

B) B)


Pattern Arp -> Matrix
Inst.pool: 0xd
Rotation mode: Random
Click “Arpeggiate!”

.\pattern_processing.lua:765: attempt to index local ‘instrument_stream’ (a number value)
stack traceback:
.\pattern_processing.lua:765: in function ‘set_process_instrument’
.\pattern_processing.lua:1026: in function ‘place_note’
.\pattern_processing.lua:427: in function ‘add_notes’
.\gui_pattern_arp.lua:1023: in function <.\gui_pattern_arp.lua:1015>

Other rotation modes works well with one number entered in input

Thanks for the report!

I found it, this is a problem with the table.serialize() routine. It happens both in the velocity and instrument pool. I assumed it always creates tables but seemingly not when it only encounters one record.
I’m surprised the octave randomisation isn’t affected by it though.

New update (2.92) in the first post.

Cool tool, maan ^_^ (I’m playing with 3.0 RC1)
It would be nice to implement instrument (and may be volume) matrices as symmetrical to pitch matrix