New Tool (2.8): Guru

(neopan) #161

I made a quick and dirty synth definition for my tx81z:

all parameters seem to work, it was a pain to get them right because yamaha swapped all op2 and op3 sysex in the manual :wacko:
let me know if something is not working. it should be fairly easy adaptable to other 4-op fm synths (i don’t have a dx-9)

i’m thinking of making a definition for my yamaha fs1r and TG-77 but the parameter count is HUGE on those. it would be cool to have graphic envelopes for fm-synths B)

guru is great, it made me buy an alpha-juno1 :yeah:

edit: minor tweaks

(Cornbeast) #162

Haha cool, yeah it actually made me buy an Alpha Juno as well :slight_smile:

(Cornbeast) #163

New version 1.1, new synth definitions: Roland Juno 106, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha TX81Z!

(neopan) #164

:yeah: thanks for helping me out Cornbeast!

(Cornbeast) #165

No prob. Thanks for contributing!

Btw, I have created a user manual:

Guru User Manual

(Cornbeast) #166

New version, 1.2:

Implemented RANDOMIZE button!

Every parameter is randomzied for instant cosmic weirdness!

(Cornbeast) #167

New version, 1.3:

Added ability to specify delay between midi messages for synths with midi buffer/speed problems (SynthDefinition.delay_between_midi_messages). Implemented the delay for TX81Z definition.

(dby) #168

Great! Now I can make a definition for the C64 Mssiah cart.

(vp1) #169


I cannot believe it, I’ve combed through the internet and was unable to find a functional linux-compatible editor - and for that matter, here it is, as a Renoise tool! :w00t:

My newly acquired TX7 is in the mail, as soon as it arrives I will test how it works with Guru and give praise once more!! :yeah:
Or contribute, if needed ;)

I have to read the whole thread to see how the support for Tetr4 is - I’ve been working like mad to create a PureData based editor - and again, here it was :rolleyes:
Will test it as soon as I get home

Great idea the Guru tool, big thanks for making the effort to write it!!!

Cheers to all,


(Cornbeast) #170


Cool, tetra will mean much effort, hope you can push trough :slight_smile:

(gelabs) #171

I have some troubles with my synth definition (Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1): some parameters need negative NRPN values (modulation matrix) and this is how they are managed according to the manual :

How can I do that in Guru (the data entry MSB thing) ?


(Cornbeast) #172

Haha, damn I hate MIDI implementations!

I’ll try to look at it.


(gelabs) #173

Well, it works when I use :

So, I get -63 to +63 on the Shruthi, with default_value setting the modulation amount to 0.
But of course, in Guru, the slider displays values 193 to 319.

(dby) #174

Maybe this method could be used?: Automating Non-Automatable Renoise Features

And for stuff where timing is important one would use the Instr MIDI Control device (maybe it could also be linked to Guru somehow?).

(vV) #175

The tools are not running in a real-time thread, so you won’t get far when you need exact time critical responses.
If you can live with some inconsistencies, you could try that method.

(jsr606) #176

hej cornbeast, forum, renoise,
(first post here :) woohoo!)
i just found a JX-8P in the trash (yes: insane) and i am really thrilled of the possibility of tracking this synth with renoise. but i am having trouble getting guru to work. since i just found the synth i am quite new to that too, so i am not ruling out that i am doing something wrong on that end. i am receiving MIDI notes from renoise just fine. but there is no reaction/changes in sound when i tweak parameters in guru…?
am i missing something really obvious here?

(Cornbeast) #177

Goddamn! Good for you

You must edit the settings for the synth in guru to set midi channel and midi out device, then it should work


(dby) #178

Yes, I figure it would be nice to be able to automate some of the parameters that aren’t accessible through MIDI CC, even with poor timing.

(jsr606) #179

hm… i did that, but still i get no reaction on the synth end…? and i think i put in the right MIDI channel. as the JX-8P plays MIDI notes that i send on this channel (1) just fine. also the synth changes settings when i change program in the renoise ext midi instrument setting, but nothing happens when i tweak parameters in guru…? should the JX-8P be in some special edit mode or something?

(Cornbeast) #180

I did not have to make any setting in my jx8p, it has just worked straight off, but then a previous owner could have changed and stored some setting. Maybe you should check the manual.