New Tool (2.8): Guru

(Cornbeast) #141

I could insert the operator code and see that it theoretically works and release it with next release.

(fluence) #142

That would be sweet!

(fluence) #143

Could this tool help with this?

(Cornbeast) #144

Wehoo! First proper release:

PS Didn’t include DX7, it looked a bit dysfunctional :slight_smile:

(hotelsinus) #145

error when try to load any synth definition
all say this:
class_guru.lua:179: attempt to index field ‘song_settings’ (a nil value)

(Cornbeast) #146

Ok, hmm, I don’t have any problem even if I do a clean install. Could be a OS thing, I’m on Windows.

Could you please help me out by doing this:

Copy everything that is written in the terminal window of the scripting editor and paste in a private message to me


(Cornbeast) #147

Woow, LOL Sorry, maybe it would be better if I uploaded version 1.0 instead of 0.1! Try now :slight_smile:

(fluence) #148

Could you point me at what looked dysfunctional, I am checking the synthfedinition through MIDI-OX and am wondering…

Though I wonder alot :P

(Cornbeast) #149


Well, are you sure this is correct?

sysex_message_template = {0xF0, 0x67, 0x36, "cc", 0x21, 0x20, 0x01, "nn", "vv", 0xF7},  

The 0x36, 0x21 and 0x01 looks copied from my JX8P def, I don’t think DX7 wants that.

And, 0x67 maybe should be 0x43 which is HEX for the decimal number 67.

This is what I think the DX7 wants from reading the manual

sysex_message_template = {0xF0, 0x43, 0x00, 0x00, "nn", "vv", 0xF7},  

But I’m not sure. So we have no clue if it works, so we would most certainly release something that is not working.


(fluence) #150

I totally forgot about editing those, and for some reason my DX7 is producing sinewaves again…

I will fix this over the weekend…


(neoman) #151

Thank you for this really nice plugin!

And don’t stop with it!

We still need checkboxes, faders and some other stuff. Also a function editor probably :slight_smile:

Anyways, I prepared a synth definition for the Roland Juno 106. Have fun with it :slight_smile:

Still preparing templates for Roland JV 1010, Novation Drumstation, Novation Supernova and Kawai K5000S (which won’t be easy ;-))

(Cornbeast) #152


I will add it to the next release!


(Thomas) #153

This is really cool. Is this still sort of beta or does most of it work?

(neoman) #154

It should work fully - tested on my Juno 106 here at home.

But, bugs are human for sure, so if you find one, just give me a hint/pm, so I can fix it! :slight_smile:


(hotelsinus) #155

still wont work

(Thomas) #156

Great tool :yeah:
I want to add some definitions, but i have never programmed something before.
Will it be easy for me? I want to start with some easy stuff like the nordlead 1
Can this be done in about an hour? Or is it something i have to dive into much deeper?

(Cornbeast) #157

Here’s how you do it: CreateGuruSynthDefinition

The programming is really simple, you just follow (copy/paste) a certain pattern and figure out what numbers to put there.

If it’s a large synth, with many parameters, it will take some time. And if the MIDI implementation is full of secret suprises and tricks it will take some time to figure out and you might need my help.

I don’t know about the trickyness of Nord stuff, but I guess it has got many parameters. And if you’re a noob it will mean many hours. But it’s fun hours.

(fluence) #158

My DX7 definition is finally done. Took me a lot of hours and had to break a DX7 :yeah:

3432 Yamaha_DX7.lua

  • Regarding function parameters, 8 should be sent.
  • Operator ON/OFF is not in there, since it can’t be saved per patch. Operator Level should suffice.
  • I’m having an issue with performance assignments, I would really like checkboxes there, but it works for now. (Although not fully readible, p=pitch, a=amplitude, eg=eg-bias)

I am open to suggestions regarding splitting the definition up into parts.

Have fun, let me know if you find anything, or have any suggestions.

@Cornbeast, thanks for introducing me to Lua and Sysex through this wonderful tool.

3427 DXaf.JPG
3426 DXae.JPG

EDIT: Fixed some parameters…

(Obscure Robot) #159

Operator On/Off would be nice for those of us with devices like the DX200 that don’t provide full access to DX parameters on the front panel.

(Cornbeast) #160

Super cool! Glad you like it!

I’ll include it.

And, seriously, anyone who wants to help out coding Guru can do so. I have a Google code code source repository where anyone who registers as a google code developer can contribute (as far as i know). You need to learn a little more lua, renoise, and a little of the Guru structure. And then you need to set up a tool to submit code to the source.

Then you can do all the things I will never prioritize, like checkboxes and knobs :slight_smile:

I can teach you.

Then I’ll review what you submit and approve or change stuff that is submitted.