New Tool (2.8): Marks

This is my first tool! :w00t:

This tool makes it possible to use letters as markers of different positions
in the renoise GUI. Positions remembered include:

  • Pattern, track, line and note column
  • Selected instrument
  • Selected device
  • Middle panel view
  • Active upper and lower panel

Marks added will be saved in the song and will be restored when the song is
reopened at a later time. They are saved in the Marks instrument which is always the last instrument. (This is rather hacky, but works)

A screenshot of marks in the Beatslaughter demo song:

3081 Marks-screenshot.jpg

To use it map “Global:Tools:Marks” to a convenient shortcut to open the dialog.
ALT-d is convenient I think.

Press the “add” of “jump” buttons to add/jump to a mark. Typing lowercase
letters will jump to the mark and uppercase letters will save a mark.

2012-03-10: Uploaded it to the tools page! Get it here.

2012-03-10 v1.03 Better naming of marks
2012-03-09 v1.02 Nicer GUI, jump to mark while playing

very cool… :rolleyes:

would be even more cooler if we could use it when the song was playing… like this one:

You can jump in the song while it is playing ^_^

Thanks for the link, I was not aware of this tool, so I built this one,
oh well :slight_smile:

Btw, just uploaded v1.0.1!

Ah, I see what you mean. Jumping in the gui was possible, but not in the
pattern while playing. This has been fixed :slight_smile:

awesome tool man!! please upload it to :slight_smile: :rolleyes:

Thanks, glad you like it! I don’t think I can upload it
as an official tool unless it has been approved, though.

You can register as a tool-developer by login in, you don’t need to be a top notch programmer, we just want to be sure that bots won’t be able to submit stuff that we don’t want to end up on those pages:

Ah, cool, will do that, thanks!

Ok, I think I succeeded in uploading it to

Great man!! great tool… Are you planning to make more superb tools? :rolleyes:

Thanks man, glad that someone can use this. I would like to be making some more music
And more tools definately if there is a good idea,… :slight_smile:

This I like! Brings me one step closer to Vim in renoise! Good implementation too.

If you’re into adding features to this, then maybe an extra bonus feature could be a possibility to open the gui in a more minimal form, not containing the complete list? I’m thinking something like a dedicated shortcut for this. The big gui can be somewhat distracting, if one only wants to quickly hop around in the song. Anyways - thanks for the tool!

Cool, Thanks for the heads up!

I was definitely inspired by vim on this one, yep :slight_smile:

Good idea with a more minimal gui, it is rather big as it is now, although
it gets out of the way quickly if autoclose is enabled. I looked into making
the gui appear at different coordinates and other ways to get it out of the way
but did not really come up with anything good.

Another option would be to make it very small, I’ll try that.

I noticed your quest for vimifying renoise with vader, very nice! I did get
myself into a bit of trouble, though, (:

What a great tool. Love it.Thanks!

very interesting tool :)

thanks for sharing!


Glad you like it!

I have been working on some improvements, but alas, the time,… I hope to release
an improved version in the weekend!

I have managed to update this tool and even though it is still a
bit rough I have released a new version.

It has been quite a while and the tool has changed significantly
but I think to the better. Let me know what you think!

Marks V1.05

Is it possible to use another key than numpad 1 to minimize the tool? The tool itself works great but I don’t have a numpad. (laptop)
Thanks for the tool.

Would it be possible to add a custom text to a mark? That would make it great for making notes in a song - i e “fix this transition” et c.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Good idea, I should make that possible. I’ll put it on the TODO List!

Hmm, that is an interesting idea. It is definately possile, but I
have to reorder some of the code to make that happen, but I think
I will add this option.

Also, I think it would be nice to make it possible to define
shortcuts to specific marks… Ah, the time! :slight_smile: