New Tool (2.8): Mpe


sadly this hasnt been updated to 3.1 and the port linked above didnt work for me (thanks anyway 4tey!)

Well, this isn’t my tool, it really is up to the original programmer if he/she wants to update it. It was just a quick port in the hope that functionality would port over without having to reverse engineer and fix code. My quick advice to the original programmer is to use constants like:


rather than hardwiring the numbers directly (like it is at the moment). And to also look at things like:

name = "MPE:Sample:Pan",
invoke = function(message)
  if (message.int_value >= 49 or message.int_value <= 0 )then handle_error = true else
  vb.views.smppan.value = math.floor(message.int_value)/50

to do that better.

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Thanks for the replies and input, really appreciate it. I should have mentioned I’m running 4Tey’s 3.1 patch above in a 64 bit install. I may try it in 2.8/3.0 just to see how it goes… will report back if I do.

Hopefully enough other folks chime in to get this updated for 3.1! It sounds like an awesome tool and I’d love to have the functionality with a midi controller. I don’t know how big of a job it would be to update it, but it seems to have gained quite a following while it was being developed so I’m sure others would appreciate the work. I know I’d throw some funds at it if that was any incentive.


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MPE is & always was one of the best #toolz around; making ur #renoise a full blown Matrix - MPC.

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I have posted the source code to github - it may be time to revisit this project ?

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So does it work now for 3.1 or not?