New Tool (2.8): Mpe

(sevenscientist) #141

ok fixed and uploaded version 3.5 with fixed bugs in midi mapping for fx section.
Im trying to create mute/choke groups but failing! so not included in this release.

any coding ideas greatly appreciated.
cant do anything with columns
so I was having the selected sample play on a dedicated track
eg selected sample is 1 and choke/mute group is 2 then sample will play on track2
BUT when looking for a change in the selected sample slot the track selection change occurs after the sample is triggered?

I have pads kindof working with touch osc so maybe that would be a way of triggering a choke group?

(sevenscientist) #142

choke group fail! lock key/note to track works but too buggy to release.

(sevenscientist) #143

uploaded next version 3.6

  • added buttons PRE- and PRE+ (these will skip through the currently selected plugins presets)
  • FLEVEL button now also sets the plugin volume to maximum
  • added CHORD enable/disable button
  • modified GUI button layout
  • changed tap tempo to 2 hits
  • fixed SYNC field to update according to timing field
  • changed instant sample recorded name to REC
  • changed save MPEFX track to SFX
  • RESET button now clears all slices
  • removed CLEAR button
  • renamed BLKLOOP button to REPEAT
  • pressing SONG or MIXER button a second time will display an alternate view
  • only MPE letters logo hide/shrink the tool ( the numbers do not)
  • added / changed buttons .LOOP. .SYNC. .CUT. ( these will enable or disable all samples on the selected instrument )
  • added / changed buttons LOOP SYNC CUT ( these will enable or disable individual samples on the selected instrument )

enjoy :wink:

PS how does your tool become featured in the tools page??

(Cas) #144

sorry for caps. :)

(sevenscientist) #145

OK Cas , I will try and put some videos together.

until then … you can have a look at the Akai MPC200XL manuals online and Roland SP303. a link is in the description of the tool.
you can also youtube “mpc2000xl tutorial”

It has also evolved through time and can do some cool new things so yes you are right I need to jump on it! and get some tutorial happening now … stay tuned i will post links here and in the description.

(sevenscientist) #146

Just uploaded version 3.7

  • fixed some incorrect MIDI mappings
  • renamed some buttons (.LOOP. .SYNC. .CUT.) are now LP/PGM SC/PGM CT/PGM
  • adjusted scale of sample attack slider

Thats it for now, I had planned more future updates to include moving of sample note ranges via a drop down called layers, just an easy way to layer the samples by selecting a maximum of 12 layers and I few more changes and enhancements, but I no longer have the time to keep working on this project. I hope everyone enjoys it. For those of you out there that cant afford the cost of a hardware sampler - this tool plus renoise comes as close as I believe you can get for free. Support the Renoise developers and purchase the program if you haven’t already.

I will now get on with making music and maybe creating a video tutorial that I hope will help those of you who do not understand how to use the tool. Remember its basically a way to control renoise like an AKAI MPC 2000XL hardware sampler or a BOSS SP303. Connect a midi controller, midi-map some of the controls and have fun , in particular the fx parameters and loop start and end points.

Goodbye for now.

(revo11) #147

Found a small bug in MPE - it doesn’t take the LPB into account when jumping bars.

(sevenscientist) #148

thanks for testing it revo11 I will look into it. Maybe an update is needed or maybe it should be integrated into another tool?

(sevenscientist) #149

I have been testing and when I change the lpb number it works ok for me can you give me an example?

(mars.64) #150

Here’s a functional link to the Akai MPC2000XL Manual:

(LOLFAIL) #151

Is this tool will live ir 3.0??? :o

(lowkey) #152

I really hope so. This is one of the best tools out there. :yeah:/>

(re.dread) #153

Updated version for 3.0.

I never really used MPE myself, did the update some time ago for someone on irc.

Not sure if everything works as expected, if something is wrong, let me know!

(5ALAZAR) #154

Nice! I’ll try this out with my Yamaha RY30.

(kopias) #155

link to manual for mpc on tool page is broken

here is working one

(ghostwerk) #156




Windows 3.1? :slight_smile:

I’ll try to patch this for you, no guarantee though :slight_smile:

(ghostwerk) #158

Windows 3.1? :slight_smile:

I’ll try to patch this for you, no guarantee though :slight_smile:

ur a sweetheart <3

(sackley) #159

I know this is not being actively supported, but just want to see if anyone else has similar behavior.

When I click on or activate any sample editing function, it switches to the Keyzones view in Renoise.

I was hoping I could use a midi controller (Akai MPD226) to map out sample editing functions (move start/end points/loop points with encoders, insert slice, etc) while seeing the sample on the screen. No matter what, when I trigger any of those functions(via mouse or midi), it switches to the Keyzones view from the Sample Edit view, which really inhibits the visual feedback.

Appreciate any reply. I’m happy to keep editing via keyboard shortcuts (as they’re so functional, really) - just looking for a certain workflow with a controller that might speed up some of the process and make use of this tools original purpose.

I have zero knowledge or understanding of code, so I’m pretty much useless on that front! Lenovo Thinkpad T420, Windows 10, Renoise 3.1.1


(muckleby) #160

sadly this hasnt been updated to 3.1 and the port linked above didnt work for me (thanks anyway 4tey!)

so i think its dead in the water atm. it was great in 2.8 though

if you dont need phrases or the upgraded mod section in 3.1 its still a really nice way to work n you can always import into 3.1 later…
gah just spotted the 3.0 link, you might have some luck with that without sacrificing too much native function