New Tool (2.8): Pking

I see. Maybe I am just a bit over concerned. Layering drums without touching their envelope is probably good enough. Thanks for your explanation.

P.S.: I just ordered a PadKontrok today, so soon you will have more testers :wink:

got my pad kontrol today , its smaller than I thought wow! and now for some experimenting with pking! Thanks mxb!

What about a QuNeo port of this? ;)

got my padkontrol , I dont know what Im doing wrong but I cant get the pads to trigger midi notes on the KORG padkontrol using pking duck? The pads send midi notes ok when pking isnt started?
Im on a mac running renoise 64bit 2.8.1 and OSX 10.7.4

This is in the manual on page 4 ;)

When pKing is running is remaps the pads and X-Y pad to send note/CC data on port B rather than the default of port A.

Selecting ‘padKONTROL (PORT B )’ in Renoise midi inputs should fix it for when pKing is running.

Hope this helps.

New video!

I recreated the “Catacombs” beat linked from this thread.

Well, you have to at least touch it once to enable the envelope, right? Otherwise it is pretty useless for drums, since it sends a note off when the pad is released.

Anyway, I received my PadKontrol today!

Here are some bugs I found:

  1. INS mode: Selecting Instruments (Instrument selection prompt) will show “S01” in the display (the default for the PadKontrol, Scene1). It will not show the selected instrument! It tries to do so, as you can very briefly see the instrument number flashing in the display, but “S01” will always overwrite it immediately.
  2. SEQ mode: As I understood, the second, third and fourth pad rows are supposed to show if there are patterns in the sequence or not (after the currently selected one). They are supposed to light up constantly when there is a pattern. However, this does not always work. Depending on the speed with which you turn the wheel to go through the sequence, pads will not light up, or, when supposed to go off, won’t go off.
  3. Going to SEQ, INS an SAM mode will note show this in the display, as the manual says (no big deal, though)
  4. I made Pking crash when in Sample edit mode somehow. Cannot reproduce it anymore, but remember that it was caused by pressing Pedal or Prog Change at some point (maybe in some submodes). Maybe with an empty sample slot. Sorry, not sure anymore. I will try to reproduce it.

Hope this helps.

I just played two hours with it, it’s impressive how it resurrected my padkontrol! I ll hunt bugs next time!

True, you need to turn on the volume envelope at the start. I generally have a single point at maximum volume, sustain set to off and play with the release amount.

Thanks for reporting the bugs. In order:

Interesting, if you can reproduce, please give detailed steps.

Thanks again!

Glad you liked it, hopefully there are not too many bugs.

Videos are still welcome ;)

Just had a play with this and have to say its an amazing piece of coding you have done here, I’m having loads of fun with it. Thanks a lot for making it, who needs MPC’s eh ;)

Here is a video demonstrating the second bug:

I am still trying to reproduce the last one :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, I created a default drums instrument with all the pads assigned to a sample. This is useful, because replacing drums now is only a matter of hitting the pad and then double clicking (or hitting enter on) the sample in the file browser. I also set the envelopes to a useful setting for drums.


I have just uploaded version 2.1 to the tools page - get it here.

New / Changed features:

  • Bug fixes for some bugs identified by users.

  • ‘Reverse mapping’ of pads option in preferences. When disabled, the pads start at the top left and increase as you go down (as per the padKontrol numbers), when enabled, the pads start at the bottom left and increase as you go up (MPC style).

  • Pad root and scale prompt:

  • This is a new prompt and is accessed from PATT mode via ‘message’ button.

  • ‘X’ will set the pads root note (default of C-4, can range from Gb-3 to Gb-4 to shift all pads +/- 6 semitones).

  • ‘Y’ will set the pads to a scale! Supported scales are:

  • Chr - Chromatic - 1 semitone increase per pad.

  • Mj - Major - Two octaves of major scale.

  • MMn - Melodic minor - Two octaves of melodic minor scale.

  • hMn - Harmonic minor - Two octaves of harmonic minor scale.

  • nMn - Natural minor - Two octaves of natural minor scale.

  • pMj - Pentatonic major - Three octaves of pentatonic major scale.

  • pMn - Pentatonic minor - Three octaves of pentatonic minor scale.

Grab the update and enjoy!

Amazing! You is legend!

I have been fiddling around with this for a while now. One minor quibble:

Whenever I play “roll” in pattern mode, it instantly enables per-pattern looping. Is there a way to switch this off?


@mxb, You are wonderful!
already, I thank the whole team Renoise for Linux developement, it works perfectly!
But now I can use my PADKONTROL under linux whit your tool mxb :yeah:

a big thank to you ;)

Sorry I must have missed this comment earlier.

The roll button will not implement the roll feature with the X-Y pad when pKing is running. pKing takes over control over the entire device, which disables ‘built-in’ functionality. Similar with ‘full velocity’. pKing uses these buttons for different actions in different modes - see the manual for details.

Hey atmoner,


The Renoise team do all the hard work, I just add special pixie dust and try and make cool things :)

Two things:

  1. Where do I pay you money, mxb?

  2. I’m stuck on one major point - how do I change prompt modes? I’m in PAT, and I want to change to InS. EDIT: Found it. My bad. I’ve yet to master the action buttons.

This tool may make me sell some hardware and just use the computer + padkontrol. I think that’s a mark of really good software.

I’m not sure if pKing does this, but it would be AWESOME if it did - is it possible to assign separate instruments to each pad and have each pad capable of triggering more than one instrument? This would be ideal for layering drums.

I often use the built-in assign instruments to separate tracks via the midi-in selector for each instrument so that kicks endup on track 1, snares on track 2, hihats on 3, claves on 4, etc. Using pKing in this manner would make it the perfect tool (for me, but I’ll be selfish enough to say in general).

  1. You don’t :)/>/>

  2. Hopefully you found it in the manual, let me know if anything in the manual isn’t clear.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really possible with the padKontrol and Renoise as they are. Maybe if Renoise implements some extra features it may be possible, but I wouldn’t hold out for this as the ‘automatic’ mapping to instruments would have to be done by the Renoise core.