How Do I Program Like This?

Is it possible to use renoise to make music like this most notably the first part where he triggers the samples

the first part is basically a couple of instruments overdubbed in each clip. like hihat, electric piano, vibraphone, guitar (or something like that) where the instruments with pitches play single notes which ring out.

the “hiphop feel” comes from the fact that each new clip triggered cuts of the sound of the one previously playing. nothing magical about it afaik.

I’m not sure you can manage to make music that boring using Renoise

Stash all those samples into one instrument and hit the generate drumkit button and you’re done.
What he does with two of those controllers i can do with one midi keyboard.

Won’t be perfect if you still want sounds from the drums to not cut the sounds from the loop though… but close.
(oh shit. got so many ideas and suggestions left :))

There is a script called ‘sustain sampled instrument’ that gives you this mpc like triggering behavior in Renoise:

Thanks for the link! But you know it’s not like cut groups right?

With the MIDI to Instrument feature (or whatever it’s called) in the MIDI Input section of Instrument Settings can’t you set the same MIDI device and channel to multiple Instruments? Each would only want to have loaded the few samples that are in a Mute Group and nothing on the rest of the keys but you should be able to make something out of multiple instruments, no?

I wonder how hard it would be to script something to automatically make the instruments too…

You don’t need ‘cut groups’ for what he is mainly interested in:

He’s asking about the sustained trigger sound, thats where the script comes in handy. You’re thinking about recording multiple multi-sampled instruments at the same into different groups. That would be awesome! My first thought was using the thing Kazakore is talking about, but I haven’t used that since beta time, dunno if that is currently possible…

Scripting? Plug ins? MIDI? Seriously, WTF? He’s obviously just using some plain and simple cuts from a jazz track. And that’s all.



you don’t get it.

Truth, again, by Bit_Arts.
Anyway if TS has 2 MPDs he can now practice the shit out of that example right?

Well, the question was “How Do I Program Like This?” and my example is the simple answer.

Sorry, never been good in understanding solutions of problems, that none has.

I don’t understand this massive discussion either. It’s not only possible to program this on Renoise, it’s really simple. Just cut up a sample and enter the notes on single track one under another.

The intro of this song is done exactly like that.

Ok, lets establish the thread title question is open for multiple interpretations. It is pretty obvious that hip hop can be made in Renoise, so obvious that looking at the video with his question in the back of your mind, ‘programming’ must mean live input. Live programming like in the video.

If you have a midi controller connected to Renoise, hitting the pads wont give you the same behavior like seen in the video by default, as releasing a pad will create a note off. Notice how the samples keep on playing when triggered in the video until a next pad is hit.

Using the script I linked above which sets sustain, triggering instruments through a midi controller will be the same as in the video.

Apparently not obvious for everyone.

I do not understand what sustain has to do with it.
When I use a sliced instrument and set the envelope settings like in the screenshot of the suggested tool, then the first slice is NOT stopped by triggering the second slice, but it will play until the end (which is, what the envelopes are set up to do!). But you want notes to be cut by other notes, right?
Can someone please explain further how to achieve this?

EDIT: Well, the cut sometimes, if there is enough time between the triggers. If you trigger them both fast after the other, then you see two green bars going from left to right in the envelope editor and you can clearly hear both slices playing, so the second is not stopped by the first one. Very strange. I first thought this has to do with where the sustain bar ist, but no, that has no influence. Any ideas?

Set the NNA of the slices in the sample properties to cut.
If there are situations where you don’t want them to be cut, initiate the next note on a new note column.

Disable Chord Mode so that you can only ever play a single note at a time. This, combined with a sustained volume envelope and NNA set to cut, should hopefully result in the desired behaviour. (Works great here when I test it with Bit_Arts’ demo tune anyway)

That did the trick, thanks!