New Tool: (2.8) Print My Chords

Here we have a new alpha: “Print my chords” . One I started a while ago but only got round to again now.

Up on Tools page:


Renoise Shortcut “Print My Chords”

The idea is that it will analyse the currently selected Track-in-Pattern and give you a basic form of Roman_numeral_analysis . Inversions are not supported as this tool only analyses one track at a time so if you are analysing a rhythm/ pad instrument (likely the best use for this tool), you are missing the bass track anyway unless you have it doubled.

Also minor is treated as one key including harmonic/melodic and natural scales.

You also have the option to export the analysis of a whole track to a txt file. This is best viewed in something such as Wordpad as there is formatting present in the file. You can of course then print it out/ modify it as you please. i.e. Can be for use as a chord sheet at a piano/ guitar etc.

Text Example:

Things to note about the print-outs:

[] Square brackets indicate that the chord is not part of the current selected key . e.g. it contains a chromatic alteration.
– double dash indicates the repeat of a chord
? question mark means the chord is unrecognised currently

V Uppercase means a major chord
v Lowercase means a minor chord

Update 0.58

–fixed a bug when no range was chosen to export, now gives a status message

Update 0.57

– Renoise Shortcut is now “Print My Chords”
– Menu Entry in tools menu “Print My Chords”
Export selection from sequencer now added. Instead of exporting the whole track in the song you can now expert the selected track over the renoise sequencer range.
now exits on new song load


Gonna open up some old .mod files and run this through them. Soon my music will sound just like the 80s! XD



Great tool!

Awesomely matches with my Progressor!

Firing up involves a bit of thinking though, but it can be finally done when browsing source code.

Freaking awesome!

Thanks Laffik!

Will be checking out your new version of Progressor shortly.

What exactly did you mean by this though? You expected a menu entry, or the way it works is confusing?

Yea, no menu entry. I’ve been searchng all Renoise for the tool.
Way of work is bright like a sun. :rolleyes:

Will add to next update.

New update:

New update, fixed a bug when no range was chosen to export, now gives a status message

minor update 0.59:

–Changed menu entry under the “tools” menu, to under “Ledger`s scripts”

Long overdue, minor update to fix a GUI problem:


Awesome work! Thanks a lot for sharing with us, Ledger !!!

Let me know if any probs in renoise 3.0 for you.