New Tool (2.8): Rableton Dive

humble bump :rolleyes:

Klaus, can you bump my tool too? :D

That’s what she said.

Well put but you might forget one tiny detail: Klaus likes boys (who don’t cry)

i’m not Klaus by the way

what the?

tell me it’s not the first time someone believes you’re xErxEs :)

I am also not Klaus ;)

I did not forget it, I just had no time. I didn’t thought that the time went by so fast, sorry. I am happy that you are still using the tool despite. My plan is to start with it end of next week.

This works great,I love it. nice one bra! I will be using this in my live shows.

Thank you, that’s really nice :)

A new version is out. It adds options to record the clip changes (based on a request by xrxs):

Version 0.5

  • added recording options (please deactivate “Keep sequence sorted” in the pattern-sequence options):
  • clone pattern: clones currently played pattern and adds it to the end of the song
  • live recording (switch on/off): everytime the currently played pattern is changed (user has hit a clip and clip is flashing), the pattern is cloned and appended at the end of the song
  • record everything (switch on/off): can be switched on only if live recording is activated. Records every played pattern regardless if there were some changes by the user. So a complete song can be recorded.

Testing and feedback would be highly appreciated :)

Please download it from the first post of this thread.

Tested 64bit version on my work. Everything seems fine.
Will test 32bit version at home today.

Thank you!

Works great for 32 bit. One small note is when a track name is to long it pushes the the next names over so that the name no longer line up correctly.
Thanks agan, this is a nice way to spice up my renoise experience. :yeah:

Worth mentioning, unless I missed this:

I couldn’t get this to work properly (Win7 64 bit 2.81), and realised it only worked once I had enabled “follow players position in pattern while playing”. It did not work without this enabled no matter what I tried.

May be worth sticking this point in the original post. Unless it already is, I just missed it, and I’m an idiot!

Thank you very much! I added it to the original post. :)

Any chance of making this work without “follow players position in pattern while playing” so that I can still edit my patterns whilst playing with the looping scratchpad in the first two patterns? I can appreciate this might not be able to copy the data “live” from what I’m editing, but presumably it could copy the data at the point at which I switch patterns in the loop grid?

Love the tool, lots of fun!

This tool should be integrated with renoise by standard. Great one, it brings renoise live mode:) Next level! :)

Excellent cool song in the video btw!

Hm, I guess currently not unfortunately.

Thank you very much :)

Oh thank you very much, nice to hear. :) You can download it here if you like.

Just for information: this tool has been renamed to “Live Dive” with the new version and is now available on the tools page also.
Please do not post in here anymore but in this new thread.

This has been fixed in the new version.