New Tool (2.8) - Resynth 4

ReSynth4 - The Native Renoise Synth

This is an combination of the older ReSynth2 synth with the FMSynth project, plus a lot of new features to take advantage of the 2.8 API!


Demo video:

Video courtesy of elmex below.

Feature list:

  • Four oscillator slots

  • Independant oscillator controls for:

  • Transpose

  • Fine tuning

  • Volume

  • Panning

Selectable oscillator types:

  • Virtual analog

  • Waveform selector - sin / tri / saw / pulse wave

  • Pulse width control

  • Pulse width modulation with speed and depth controls

FM Synthesis

  • Three operators in series
  • Frequency multiplier per operator
  • 3 point envelope per operator

User waveform

  • Load in your own samples and use the simple common operator controls (transpose, fine tune etc.)
  • Selectable loop toggle

SuperSaw (oscillator 1 only)

  • Saw wave count (from 1 to 7)
  • Supersaw detuning
  • Supersaw wave width

Much improved oscillator quality (44khz, 32bit from 33khz, 8bit)
AHDBDSR volume envelope
Volume LFO (tremelo) rate and depth controls
AHDBDSR filter cutoff envelope
Filter type selector
Filter resonance control
Filter cutoff lfo rate and depth controls
Filter resonance lfo rate and depth controls
Velocity to filter cutoff depth control
Programmable arpeggiator:

  • Variable sequence length (up to 16 steps)
  • Variable sequence speed (ticks per step)
  • Independant pitch per step
  • Steps can be retriggers (green) or legato (yellow).
  • Selected step is blue (dark or light respectively).
  • Independant assigns to volume/pitch envelopes and filter envelope
  • Steps will always affect the pitch

For those of you who don’t know what and AHDBDSR envelope looks like, here is a picture:

It has attack, hold, decay, break level, decay, sustain level and release values. Note that break leve is measured from the top of the envelope, while sustain level is measured from the bottom.

Important Notes

  • As this is a beta, I’m being cautious and therefore, for now, the only menu items are in Renoise -> Tools -> ReSynth.
  • Note that adding a new ReSynth instrument will overwrite the selected instrument
  • The arpeggiator does not affect FM operators
  • FM operators only update when ‘render’ pressed
  • There are no midi maps available in this version
  • This will overwrite ReSynth2 if it’s installed

Just to clarify (as I’ve been asked before), this is a Renoise Tool, and so will work on Mac, Windows and Linux versions of Renoise (2.8). The tool is platform agnostic, so instruments will also survive moving across from one OS to another. Finally, if a user opens a song which uses ReSynth to make the instrument, due to the way the instrument is ‘pre-rendered’, it will still play if the tool is not installed on that machine (although editing is obviously not possible).


  • Midi maps - pending

Download from the ReSynth tools page.


let’s rock

looks awesome!!

got some bugs with keyzones disappearing pretty quickly though – no keyzones, no output.

Nice work Mxb!

yep me to, after clicking the ‘User’ tab in the first oscillator.


I like seeing values when I’m tweaking knobs in gui’s, to see relative changes from one parameter to the other (like for example finetuning settings of different oscillators). If it is too hard to implement value boxes in the resynth gui, could you please show the value’s in Renoise status update? (lower part of the renoise gui)

(when I select ‘user’ oscillator)

If the volume of an oscillator is zero, the key mapping is removed to reduce CPU usage.

If you select the user oscillator and don’t have a waveform loaded yet, the mapping will not be present.

when you switch to another oscillator from there it stays unmapped. changing the volume fixed it… also some strange things going on when rendering FM.

really liking this man, nice tool!

After clicking back to one of the other oscillator tabs, playing the keyboard doesn’t produce any sounds though. Can be confusing.


randomizing option! :drummer:

Identified and fixed for the next version. Thanks for the clarification.

There is also another small bug with LFOs on the filter where the values for depth and rate get exchanged after closing and re-opening which may cause crashes. This is also fixed for the next version. With this version, re-opening the instrument a second time will allow you to continue editing.

I have thought about this, but there are just too many possible combinations to make it sensible. With certain configuations, there are up to 149 parameters!

Hell yes!

Will you please stop being so damned good and making the rest of us look bad! ;) :D

Wanted to know whether Resynth is suitable for ambient music. Of cours it is (like many other synths :) !
Dial Resynth on some nice sawtooth, play with the envelopes and plug a nice reverb (epicVerb in this case) on the dsp chain:

(make sure to select the max quality)

I don’t have much to say but:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = 'Global:mxb goodness:New Resynth Instrument',  
 invoke = function()  
 ReSynth(, OPEN_MODE_NEW)  

oh and one other thing - the renoise lua api still doesn’t allow for returning computer keyboard focus back to renoise after spawning a gui?

and one other thing: is there any chance whatsoever for there to be a mode where the pitch button would actually show the transposition pitch in the show_status, because for now i’m working blindly, trying to hit those -12 -24 12 24 thingies.

oh and another thing: is there any chance whatsoever for one to have a togglable version which shows the sample you are editing in the sample_editor, thusly everytime you move a specific sample’s settings in the gui, you see the specific sample. this would really help with, well, programming.

= yes please!

This would be nice to have!

Sick!! thank you!!!

anyone to share some cool “presets” already?

Yes, keybindings, more menu entries, midi maps etc still have to be written, but I wanted to get the base functionality out there and tested.

I usually go by ear - if it sounds good etc…, but I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll look into this, it should be possible.

I’m thinking to only select the waveform to display if the sample editor is already visible. Should be able to set the window to only see the actual working part of the sample too.

Well, it’s been less than 24 hours since release, so I don’t think many people have had much time to play with it yet. However, good instrument presets and more demo videos are always welcome! :)


Really enjoying playing around with this, especially the arpeggiator and the multiple fm-oscillators. This is really coming to be an inspiring sound environment. Really looking forward to using this! (I’ve already used the resynth and fm-synth frantically :))

I dont know if its supposed to be like that but it seems that when I close the GUI and then open it again a lot of settings are reset automatically, so far Ive experienced it with the pitch-settings on the arp. (some steps are reset to zero-value some others are not) and the operator settings on the FMs (all values are reset).

Fantastic work!!

yep, only display when sample_editor is displayed.