New Tool (2.8): Twitch

3968 Twitch Screenshot.png

Live track switching with record option.

Assign up to 8 tracks to buttons and trigger them live in a destination track during pattern or song playback. Enabling record will capture the data played in the destination track.

See video for a quick demo.


The 8 trigger buttons are assigned to keys Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I or can be triggered with the mouse. Set your source pattern and tracks in the valuebox.

Set your destination track in the valuebox.

Start playing and press the triggers.

Space Bar releases a key that has been pressed and reverts back to the destination track (doesn’t apply if using the mouse to trigger)

Esc - Toggles record mode.


Groovy ;)

killor. thanx for sharing dude!

Thanks, very useful.

Thanks everybody, I appreciate all the feedback. Hope you’re all having fun with it :)