New Tool (2.8): Uncollapser/collapser For Mixer/ptneditor/global Keys

Adds Uncollapser/Collapser
-Keyboard Shortcuts
-Pattern Editor Context Menu entries
-Mixer Context Menu Entries

Added Uncollapser/Collapser Midimappings

I’ll take it! thanks distance. :)

These already exists natively I think?

“Collapse all tracks” / “Expand all tracks”

Yes, you are correct. You are also correct that there are menu entries for them in Pattern-> etc. I put them right into the root, and now added midimappings, which were not available natively.

With both the pattern/mixer collapse tools it’d be nice if there was a way to autocollapse everything except the current track, which would autoexpand whenever you tabbed between tracks.
Is there anything in the API to find out which track the cursor is currently at? (I looked but can’t find it)

There is the native function for doing so in Pattern Editor, I would agree that it maybe should also do so in Mixer view.

The first icon on the bottom of the pattern editor will do exactly that (collapse all but current track)
when you hover your cursor over it, it will say
“When on, only currently selected track will be shown in the pattern editor along with the pattern matrix”.
4th one to the left from [Q]

I’m not entirely sure about this, but isn’t that what the “Single track edit mode” is about? I haven’t really used that one, so can’t be sure…

Edit: lost the race. :)

Too cool :)