New Tool (3.0, 3.1): Chop Sample

Hi there,

one thing that I found missing in the sample editor is to chop a sample into an equal amount of slices. Well, this is exactly what this tool does. I know there have been similar tools before, but this one is compatible with 3.0 :slight_smile:

Make sure to set the start note for a “Drum Kit” before using this tool, to control how the slices are mapped. For instance, if you want them to be mapped starting from C-3, then set the “Drum Kit” start note to B-2 (the original sample will go to B-2 and hence the first slice to C-3). I was planning to have this be part of the tool, but unfortunately the API does not allow for this. See also

Also, to have MPC-like behaviour you want to set all slices to “One shot” and into the same Mute Group. If you do that to the original sample before slicing, then the slices will follow these settings.

This tool can does it already i think and it is for 3.0

No it doesn’t. It always creates one marker too few. Please also read my post in the discussion for this tool.

I get it. These tools are little different and to be fair your does the simple job better.

Thanks for this! B)

yep this is sweet, thanks :slight_smile:

What are the cases of use for this? I’ve been struggling to think of when you would want to slice like this.

It is very common in Hip Hop beats production.
You take a sample (of a piano melody for instance) chop it to 16 pads and then rearrange the snippets into a ne melody.
While you can also do this with Sxx, doing it via playing pads is much faster, more fun and more explorative.

Sorry, I just realised that this tool is kind of useless* at the moment, since live recording in Renoise is broken:

I guess it is best to take this tool offline again for now?

*useless, because the point of the tool is to record slices live, without editing stuff, but due to the bug, the recorded notes are all over the place and stuff needs editing anyway, so it doesn’t really add much over just using Sxx command at the moment…

I don’t understand why this is useless? It automatically chops a sample into even-sized pieces… is there a different tool which does this?

I thought the whole point was to be able to say “slice this sample into 16 even pieces” - why does some live recording bug make this functionality useless? It’s not useless at all…

Not the functionality of the tool itself, but the next step in the workflow the tool was made for to provide the first step.

awsm simple tool! 5/5

I use mono button all the time, so no problem here.

Fabulous Tool. Love it. And it allows up to 100 slices. That really does spoil oneself.

I look forward to any updates.

Blinding start!


Updated for Renoise 3.1

Looks really handy for when I use premade loops and need to change tempo, thanks for this!

Is this tool, or option available inside redux? I can’t seem to find a simple way to chop samples in equal parts.

Lua tools are only available in Renoise. Chop sample(s) in Renoise with the tool and load into Redux, don’t know if that is an option(?)

Thanks for the reply, I’m not a renoise user, and have no plans on using it, as I have my own daw and won’t be changing.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s okay. Not pushing or anything but the Renoise demo is free to download and that would probably be enough to edit/save instruments/samples and run lua ‘tool’ scripts.