New Tool (3.0): Easy Tune

Confused me as well, I think if the tool made sure the key zone base note is set to C it would make more sense

This tool is great; an essential addition to renoise. Thanks!

This is a big help. Thank you.

Sweet. Can’t wait to give it a go.

Is it possible for Easy Tune to detect the pitch of the sample based on a selection that we highlight manually? This would help with inconsistent sounds. For now I copy that section to a new sample and then copy what Easy Tune does to the pitch settings back to the original sample.

Hope this wasn’t mentioned already, I have a thousand Renoise tool tabs open and my brain is about to ooze out of my ears.

Is this tool maybe useful to you?

Sure this should be a simple thing to add. I’m thinking that the tool would detect if a range is selected and if it is it would only tune the sample based on the sample data in the selection. If there are multiple samples it will only tune the sample that has a range selected in it. Would that work for you ?

Oh thanks I used that before but forgot about it after an OS reinstal, that’s handy too.

Yeah that would be great, I record a lot of clanking and banging around the house straight into Renoise. Usually only part of the recorded sound has a consistent pitch, sometimes I want to tune the rattle of glass bottles in the refrigerator but the woosh of the door slamming throws off the pitch detection.

Thanks a lot for your work, between this and the tuned devices Renoise is basically Kyma with breakbeats.

Also it’s really hard to tune a cat.

This may help with what you are doing, because it tunes all samples in an instrument the tool also tunes slices, so just put slices around the sound you want to tune separately (I will still implement the feature you wanted though, i think its useful).

Yeah Renoise is pretty powerful with lua but I don’t think its quite reached kyma potential yet… I look forward to the day I can do something like this in Renoise:…

Anyway its nice to know you are getting good use out of it, just dont ask me for cat optimized tuning algorithms


Oh… and I thought it was a tool to make it easier to make a tune. ;)

Try this variant if you must…

Thought this would be more the thing: Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

And don’t forget, if you want to make it really really easy, you can always try this

I’m sorry, I never intended to hijack this thread. Don’t forget that it’s really about Easy Tune. Check it out, yo!

This rocks! However, it seems to have some problems sometimes…

On some .wav samples I get:
com.afta8.EasyTune.xrns\ failed to execute one of its menu entry functions.

Please contact the author (afta8 | his email ) for assistance…

main.lua:251: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘?’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
main.lua:251: in function ‘wave_frequency’
main.lua:322: in function main.lua:276

Hey, thanks for sending me the sample, I can reproduce the bug and I’ll sort it out in the next update. I think it’s something to do with it being a small chip sample, if you do a fade out on a small portion of the end of the sample it seems to work ok, I’ll investigate it further.

Also EasyTune won’t give you the right tuning for a sample like that because it’s a very small sample and also looped over a smaller section. The looped section will have a different tuning to the whole sample and EasyTune will tune the whole sample. Best thing to do with this would be to trim the sample so that the whole sample is looped, then it will tune it right.

I’ve been using the sh*t out of this tool! It’s perfect, thank you so much for making it.

In fact, I think it should be built into Renoise as a default, that’s how useful it is.

I love this tool, afta8. Thank you so much :)

Yay, thanks, it was a pleasure making it, will update for R3 soon :)