New Tool (3.0): Song work time

A simple tool that tracks how much time you have spent on a song and saves it in the song comments.

Idea from this thread:


Just install it and then every time you save a song a line is added or updated in the song comments detailing the totals hours and minutes the song has been worked on.

The time worked is only updated when you save the song, so if you don’t save it doesn’t update. It also co-exists with any other song comments, just don’t change the structure of the line that details the song work time.

Now you can know exactly how long you have been working on that same loop for :wink:

Thanks. I suggested this a long time ago with no replies :slight_smile:

Does it have an activity threshold in case you just leave Renoise open with a song? Say it sleeps after two minutes if no patterndata has been changed.

If I understand correctly, as long as you don’t save after idling it won’t count that time.

Yes that’s right, you can also edit the song comments to adjust the time, as long as you only change the numbers and nothing else it should work.

I’m not really sure what the best way to implement an activity monitor would be, I can’t find a way to monitor mouse or keyboard activity via the API

observe the current pattern index. observe if the pattern has been changed. connect a timer.

I see what you are saying, but during a mixdown I will spend hours just tweaking effects and volume levels and this wouldn’t get picked up by a pattern observer. However if you start adding lots of observers it would start getting quite complex.

You do not need that many at all to make it rather failproof. The alternative of having the timer constantly running is much worse.