Song total work time


there is a tool (and if not, someone can make, or make this as default in the next release) that calculate the time of work on a song? And each time that you shut down renoise and reopen, the timer must continue from the last value.

Maybe you can set a limit of one hour and start the crono countdown…


I would like this too!

that would be cool.

You can do this already though with the song comments, it’s just not automatic. Set a timer before you start working, and when you’re done add an entry to the song comments and tally up the total time.

I think its scriptble. Timecode monitor

When you create a new song, the timer must start from zero, and when you shut down renoise, stop! if you reopen the song, the timer must continue from the last value and go ahead. It’s possible?

Good idea, and it is scriptable… try this:

It records the time the song has been worked on in the song comments and updates when you save the song

Hey, great afta8!!! the tool works perfectly! thanks very much! this tool could be integrated in next renoise release!


Yep indeed, thank you for this! (I think you have to save twice because it edits the comment after the save, right?)

I didn’t notice that, but yes you are right, I thought it would put the comments in before executing the save of the file but it doesn’t. There might be a way around that, I’ll look into it.