New Tool (3.0): Step Sequencer 3


there is a new version 3.1 3.11 of the Step Sequencer “Lauflicht” available. First of all, thank you for the great support, your motivation, new ideas and bug reports. I would be happy if you continue sharing your opinion in this thread. smile.gif
The greatest new features are the pattern load and mix mode and the support of multiple Launchpads.

New Features:

  • multiple Launchpads support: If more than one Launchpad is connected to the computer, the plugin will detect all Launchpads automatically and cascade them to one big hardware step sequencer. Two Launchpads will result into a hardware 16 step sequencer and four Launchpads will result into a hardware 32 step sequencer.
  • pattern load mode: The pattern load mode enhances the variety of sequencing in live situations. While the current pattern plays, it is possible to switch between up to 16 different patterns instantly. This makes it easy to arrange and build up a new song sequentially. To mix between patterns, or to create a seamless transition or a surprising break in your performance also a split pattern can be selected, which contains the half of the available tracks, and loaded into the currently playing pattern.
  • easier installation - automatic detection of the Launchpad(s), no Midi settings in Renoise needed
  • settings of the control matrix can be stored and loaded on the fly
  • new free demo version with Launchpad support
  • supports Launchpad S and Launchpad Mini
  • (3.1) new modulation target “Pitch”: all notes of the selected track are pitched up or down with +/- buttons
  • (3.1) new modulation target “Instr”: changes instrument of the selected track with +/- buttons (paging up/down the instrument list)
  • (3.1) all modulation target buttons and lists as well as the instrument drop down list are controlable via midi

(3.11) improvement: improved performance when loading new pattern data into the gui (e.g. on pattern change), it is about 4 times faster now (or even better).

(3.11) fixed bug: when midi instruments were assigned to a track, the selected midi channel was reset to channel 1 when changing the edit step or selecting another page.

Download Launchpad Edition (v 3.11):
Full version (32/64 bit): on
Demo (32/64 bit): on

Download Non Launchpad Edition (v 3.11):
32 bit: on the tools page
64 bit:5357 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

Latest beta (v 3.12) non Launchpad:

32 bit:5359 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

64 bit:5360 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

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Is the newest “Launchpad S” being supported? Mine is sending and receiving MIDI like normal, but doesn’t seem to be recognized by lauflicht.

It should be, they have not changed anything in the Midi-implementation side, as far as I know. I have sent you a private mail.

After installing Renoise 2.8.1 (64-bit) everything is working all right with “Launchpad S”. I’m having lots of fun trying out the demo version atm :)

Thanks for helping, Cie.

it works for me too with launchpad s thank’s cie for your tool

This is awesome, thank you very much for your feedback! :)


I’m playing with the demo - great tool :)/>

One question - I’d like to be able to jam on the sequencer and have everything recorded into renoise over time, not just 1 pattern repeated, and not just capture the performance to audio.

So a full history of the session recorded into patterns, any ideas?

I looked at the clone pattern tool in tandem with the sequencer but not quite there yet.

(edit: don’t worry, I’ve hacked the clone tool to do this, needs more testing but appears to work on the surface)


Thank you, great that you like it! :)

This is an interesting idea.
Generally, the step sequencer loads the new pattern into the step sequencer view on every pattern change. So maybe this helps; you could prepare a sequence of patterns and then play this sequence; the edited steps should be recorded then to the current playing pattern.

Maybe you can also have a look at another tool “Live Dive”, which does exactly what you want, but only track-wise; you can not edit the steps there on the fly like in the step sequencer, but only switch on/off tracks and record this to a new song.


I purchased the launchpad version today, good fun. Slight problem though :(/>/> when I map my nanokontrol to instrument note in the control matrix, the sequencer & then renoise crashes(twiddle the dial and things slow up until…)

I’m on 32-bit win 7, renoise 2.8 final. Any thoughts?


Thats an issue with launchpads…Ive been having it too…The launchpad needs midi data to be sent to it from renoise…(or ableton) to light up the lights and tell it where you in the song etc…when you move the knob on the nano control midi data is being sent to the launchpad messing it up…its an issue they dont tell you about…i havnt yet found a way around it other than disabling the midi out to the launchpad …which kind of defeats the purpose so ive just been finding ways to do things on the launchpad alone…something has beeen niggling in my head that there might be a way to filter messages in a way so that only data intended for the launchpad gets to the launchpad…maybe by using puredata in between the output from renoise to the launchpad…

Do you have tried to disable Automap?

I have also two Nanokontrols2 and Launchpads, and using them simultaniously without any problems.
@LamptonWorm: I try to recreate it later this day, could you please pm me some details on how do you set it up?

@cie…yes, happens whether automap is installed or not…

Thank you for sending me a pm with detailed information.
I could recreate it. The faster you dial the knob of the nanocontrol2, the slower Renoise responses.
It is a performance problem in Renoise setting a new note; you have to imagine when dialing the knob fast up and down, the controller sends about 30-40 midi message in one second to the plugin, which then sets 30-40 times a second a new note in that step. This makes Renoise slow (in my case Renoise does not crash, it depends on the available cpu power), because it reads everytime the given line of the pattern and than writes the new note to the given line again.
An interesting thing is, when I am using the Midi-Controller “Pocket Dial” from Doepfer, it does not get slow, because the dials have a snap and lock every midi-cc, so it does not send so many midi commands per second.
So this problem will not happen with every midi controller.

However, I have improved the performance in this part of code vastly, rewritten some part of the affected code, and created a cache which remembers the previously changed step additionally.

So this should solve the problem and I have uploaded a new version 3.04.

Cie, thanks for the prompt support and solution :)


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New version of StepSequencer Lauflicht was live approved with Renoise3 b8 and two Launchpads Mini at Mülheimer Nacht in Cologne. :walkman:

New version for R3 will be available soon.

It’s failed to load
main.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk…

This error appears if you are trying to load the 32 bit version of the tool to the 64 bit Renoise version or vice versa.
If you have Renoise 32 bit, please use the 32 bit version on the tools page
If you have Renoise 64 bit, please use the 64 bit version linked in the first post.

Thank You!


Thank you Cie :yeah:

Would it be possible paste steps into a phrases?