New Tool (3.0): Vsti From Menu

This is still one of the most useful tools in the box.

A thought; If I load a native DSP via the tool (such as the Send device) it might be useful if the DSP panel opened and showed the Send device if the ‘Ed’ box is checked.

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Could make sense,

maybe for next update, not sure when though…

3.1 Version

minor update:

-Now the New Slot button in the search gui, appears red if there is already an instrument that will be loaded over in instrument list.

search box ain’t work…


NOTE: choosing the textfield specifically and typing in it will not work, so just type as soon as you see the GUI.

i understand. thanks ledger. love your tools.

Yes the search box is a bit of a hack, but as long as you don`t click it, all should work as expected.

Related effects organisation tip (directly in renoise)

Categorise your effects via xrnt files in the renoise browser:

Does it support vst3?

The search seems to from just checking, but not in the menus. Not sure when I’ll be able to update it.

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Thanks for report, seemed to be an incorrect escape of a * which requires %*in lua pattern matching as it is a ‘magical character’.

Not sure why this didn’t appear before… could be addition of VST 3 which has unusual path names

Can you try this version and let me know if it works. If not can you let me know what OS you are using too.

Now on tools site


scripting note:
ref for magic characters

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Just installed that version with no error. I am on Windows 10.

Good to hear!

thanks for letting me know


  • fx search will load fx into the sampler now when the sampler and sampler devices are selected .

@Skarin this version now supports VST3

Also any Mac/ Linux users let me know if any probs caused by the cross platform menu stuff that may re-appear


  • Added menus for VST3

  • Menus are now properly sorted alphabetically + removed case sensitivity

Fantastic, can’t wait to try it :muscle::grin:

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  • Added an option in VST3 menus, when enabled only the plugs which are not doubled in the 2.4 menu are shown. i.e. unique VST3 plugs

vst3 fx menu


  • fixed potentially buggy behavior with “Only Show Unique VST3 Plugs” option


  • Added instruments to the doubled checklist


To help keep a track of fx which have a VST2.4 and VST3 on your system:

  • Added a menu to the renoise DSP fx loading list List Doubled Devices which will display all the VST2.4 which have the same short name as a VST3, so are likely doubled. You can confirm matches by doing a search for the individual VSTs in the renoise DSP loading list itself.

list devices

v 1.7 On Tools Site

  • added tool name to List Doubled Devices dialog to make it clear which tool it belongs to.
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  • If a plug is loaded from a search, the selected plug will now be remembered along with the search

  • other small fixes

v 1.75

  • Delete key now clears the whole search same as Ctrl + Backspace
    (the standard use for delete is as a forward delete but as there is no cursor in the search it can be used as a single key delete here)

  • fixed a search problem to do with Lua Magic Characters left over in part of the search function:

    Scripters Note: 4th bool argument to string.find() ensures plain text searching, without Lua string patterns and magic characters.

    see lua-users wiki: String Library Tutorial

    string.find(s, pattern [, index [, plain]])


  • Search is remembered when re-opening the tool if a plug was loaded from the last search

  • fixed [LOAD] button that got broken 1.73

  • fixed default state when a search is deleted with Backspace or Ctrl + Backspace


  • when lots of entries in results readout and using up/down arrows to scroll, the results readout will update to to the next ‘page’ so correct selection is always visible


Some Improvements to the FX search dialog that will be added to the instrument search too. Just trying to make sure running smoothly first, so let me know if any probs:

The results box first displays the closest matches that start with the same string as your search. Plugs which have the string within their names start with a different letter are listed alphabeticaly after.

Shortcut is the same `VFM` Search And Load FX

vstfx search

  • Added a readout box showing all plugs that match the search. Use arrows up and down to navigate through them and [LOAD] button/ Return on keyboard to load the selected as normal

  • Made the search bar readout un-selectable to stop confusion as the search is active as soon as the plug is opened and has focus


  • Added new upgraded search box for instruments now:

shortcut still `VFM` Search and Load VSTi

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