New Tool (3.1): Auto Track Colors




This tool changes the colors of grouped tracks according to their group color and applies different shades.
Group member colors change whenever their group color changes or when a track is inserted/moved into a group.
Vice versa, when a new group is inserted, its color will be changed according to the member track it was inserted to.

The tool adds Menu entries as follows:

Main Menu:Tools: Auto Track Colors Config… :

Opens the configuration GUI where the tool´s behavior can be tweaked.
Parameter values are stored in the tools´s preferences file.

Pattern Editor: Set All Track Colors From Group and Mixer: Set All Track Colors From Group :

Changes the colors of all grouped tracks according to their group color and applies different shades.

If you tend to have your track colors similar to their group color but do not want to set them manually all the time, this tool can save you some work.

It’s one way to keep tracks in groups visually organized.


Very nice helper, thanks!

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This should be on the tools page. And native also :wink:

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This tool is super useful for me thanks.

I was thinking writing a tool like this myself!

Don’t know if this is still in development, but I just got an error:

Yea it’s a useful tool, but I get this error occasionally too

I will take a look at it. Thank you for the report!

Version 1.1

de.strobotone.AutoTrackColors.xrnx (2.9 KB)

This should fix the problem.


Oh this is going to save me some hassle as I’ve been doing this manually :+1:

It would be nice if it could exclude tracks/groups which colors you have manually edited but since that’s on song basis I don’t believe this data can be stored properly.

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