A categorized (and biased) list of tools (3.4)

Hey, everyone.

It’s been a while since me and @moloko started gathering different Renoise tools and compiling them into a list. However, we were doing it in a Notion page - and as much as I love it… not accessible for everyone. With this in mind, I decided to transport the list to this forum.

Yes, you can find tools in individual threads and the Renoise tools page, but I just don’t like how things are categorized. Some threads are forgotten, some tools are under older versions but still working, etc…

So my intention is to make it easier to reinstall Renoise or even transport these in my USB stick while also having direct access to the original and updated versions, no headaches and no endless scrolling through dozens of pages.

This list will not contain all possible working tools. It’s highly based on my own preferences, but I guess it can be useful for some people. Lastly, no commercial tools will be included - only free and “pay what you want” ones.

TLDR: Just click one of the following:

Note & Pattern processing

These insert MIDI notes and/or process pattern content in many different ways, from arps to chords, and more complex functionalities such as the ones in Reform.

  • Convert Instrument Number by Ledger

  • ChordLord by EatMe
    About → A huge chord ‘catalog’. Includes scale selector. Enable Osc Server in Options to preview chords.

  • genpad by unless
    About → A set of different note utilities made with keyboard workflow in mind. Generate chords, make euclidean rhythms, glide notes, etc.

  • Interpolate Between Patterns by Mr. Garbanzo
    About → By default, Renoise can only interpolate values inside a same pattern. This tool fixes this, while also adding a few extras.

  • line_grab by unless
    About → Grabs an entire line to be moved around. Similar to what INSERT and BACKSPACE keys do, but without moving the entire pattern up/down.

  • Note Properties by Ledger
    About → Quickly adjust the selected note volume/delay/pan columns. Can be turned into a keybind. Does not work for chords, unfortunately.

  • Parameter Locks by Mr. Garbanzo
    About → Inspired by Elektron hardware workflow. If you’re not familiar, it can set an automation value to a single pattern step, and then returns the value to its original state in the following step. Better explained in the thread.

  • Place selected notes evenly by joule
    About → Modifies a note selection so it fits into the desired line interval. Good to make weird rhythms or subdivide patterns.

  • Reform by MOMarmalade
    About → An excellent tool to process notes in different and creative ways. Also beautiful website, had to say this.

  • Scalemate by danoise

  • Slices to Pattern by dblue
    About → Takes your Sampler slices and converts them into a pattern, including Delay offsets. Great to manually quantize breakbeats or to keep them in sync when changing BPM (without needing to use Beatsync).

  • Split into separate Tracks by fladd
    About → Splits notes in a track… into separate tracks. Accidentally (or lazily) programmed all your drum parts in the same track? No problem, this solves it.

  • SuperNudge by pandabot

Sample & Audio processing

Tools which directly affect samples or audio input: distortion, granulation, stretching, chopping, etc. Also includes Sampler manipulation.

  • Akaizer by Ben Burchett
    About → Recreation of Akai time stretching effect. Discontinued but still works.

  • Chop Sample by fladd
    About → Chop a sample into equal slices.

  • Combine Instruments by Lneheb

  • Easy Tune by afta8
    About → Tune instruments and/or samples to C. It’s considerably precise and works for single cycles.

  • Loop Marker Automation by Achenar
    About → Allows you to manipulate slice markers in the Sampler window. Can achieve some granular-like results.

  • ModFXRender by Raul
    About → Automatically insert a note into an existing track or another empty pattern-track to render it. Very similar to “Print FX” function in the Sampler, but with advanced features.

  • RubberBand-Aid by dltfm
    About → Time stretching tool, kinda similar to Akaizer. I prefer this one, though.


Synthesizers, drums, single cycles, etc.

** Only initial release is free.

Quality of life

These don’t make or change sounds, but add clever functionalities to user interface, keybinds, etc, expanding Renoise as a DAW. Their goal is to enhance the workflow, making it faster or more enjoyable.

  • Automatron by harold
    About → A palette of automation shapes.

  • Automation Single Slider by Ledger
    About → A big knob to record any automation in real time by simply moving it as the song plays.

  • Auto Track Colors by strobone

  • Auto Clone Patterns by bystrano
    About → Automatically clones a selection of patterns when playback reaches the end. Ideal to record MIDI in real time without having to manually create new patterns.

  • Autoseek From Menu by Ledger
    About → Enables/Disables autoseek without needing to enter the Sampler screen.

  • Dec-Hex Converter by It-Alien

  • Send mixer by Ledger
    About → Easily control all the sends in your project. Also automatically adds the Send device for selected track.

  • Start Recording On Note Input by Raul
    TIP → I recommend using this with Auto Clone Patterns.

  • Toggle DSP by bantai
    About → Enable/Disable all effects with ease.

  • value stepper by unless
    About → Increment/decrement selected values using the keyboard.


Too hard to categorize, or maybe fit in several different categories at once: tools focused on rendering audio files or instruments, routing tracks, organizing projects, external integration, etc.

Special thanks to every developer mentioned in this thread.

Suggestions are appreciated. If you want your tool taken down from this thread, please send me a message!

Disclaimer: I’m not the developer of any of these tools and take no credit for anything.


PS: Thinking about placing 1-line descriptions for each tool. Some of them are not so obvious.

Edit: done for the non obvious


Raul is the author of modfx render

Oh thanks for pointing that out!
Just fixed it. Too many tools, so messed up.


this one is pretty handy for my workflow (yes, i made it)


…and some of the coolest tools are exclusively in the forums.

Probably the most annoying thing about the tools is how scattered they are,how some of them aren’t kept up to date too.I really wish they would start implementing some of them directly in to renoise.


Yeah lots of tools cover basic stuff that should be native: interpolating between patterns, auto clone patterns when recording, splitting tracks based on instruments/notes, toggle DSP fx, etc…

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is this something you use for like combining oneshots? ig obviously it could be used for anything but what do
you personally use it for?

yes, for oneshots